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Sum in the Sales Tax Liability Report


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2 hours ago, web2008 said:

How can I get a Sum in the bottom of the report for "Sub Total", "Tax", "Credit" and "Total" in the Sales Tax Liability Report ?

do you need it to be at the bottom? because it already exists at the top of the page (after the dates) once you've generated the report... well total and L1/L2 tax totals are there, but it would be simple enough to add subtotal and credit (because the query already calculates them). :idea:


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6 minutes ago, web2008 said:

One more question, is it possible to change "Client Name" from "firstname", "lastname" to "companyname" if the customer is a Company ?

yes. :idea:

btw - I should have added that this is a modified v7.6b1 report, but I don't think any of the code has changed from v7.5 (or probably long before!), so it should continue to work after updating (and on previous versions too).


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2 hours ago, web2008 said:

Otherwise, do you know about a report that shows all Customers who have a Credit Balance up to a date?

For example, I want to know everyone who has a Credit Balance at 31/12/2017

off-hand, I don't...nor do I know of a product in Marketplace that can do it either...

if you just wanted to get the current credit balance, you could simply run the Clients report...

but to get previous balances, the problem you will have is that WHMCS only stores the current balance in the database table, so you'd have to run a query to calculate it from previous transactions upto that point in time.

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