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Safe to move scripts.min.js javascript to footer from HEAD?

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I'm on WHMCS 7.5.1. I noticed that the site places a single, minified js file, scripts.min.js, in its header:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var csrfToken = '{$token}',
        markdownGuide = '{lang key="markdown.title"}',
        locale = '{if !empty($mdeLocale)}{$mdeLocale}{else}en{/if}',
        saved = '{lang key="markdown.saved"}',
        saving = '{lang key="markdown.saving"}',
        whmcsBaseUrl = "{\WHMCS\Utility\Environment\WebHelper::getBaseUrl()}";
<script src="{$WEB_ROOT}/templates/{$template}/js/scripts.min.js?v={$versionHash}"></script>

I'm just wondering if it's safe to move this section to the footer so it does not "render block"? Just tried it on a site under development and seems fine so far at first glance. I wonder if others did the same and if this can potentially cause some issues for WHMCS.


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Never mind, all the data table lists (invoice list etc) inside the client area broke. Was worth a try though!

Really wish WHMCS could optimize their code to defer loading of js and css, especially now that they have down to only few scripts .

I also noticed that on some pages like the  table lists WHMCS places several additional js and css in the middle of <body> (not a good practice).  Maybe those depended on the main .js in the HEAD.

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