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  1. As far as I know WHMCS do not offer custom development for a very long time now (several years at last) - ans in any case most of Modules Garden's modules are quite expansive and not to mentioned that some of then should be an integral part of WHMCS and not a separate module (in my opinion) I think the idea here is not so sell hosting to end users - the idea is to host WHMCS on the cloud (on WHMCS servers) instead on our server. It will still be a b2b operation and it will work the same as today - but instead of having the WHMCS on our server is will be on WHMC one. Don't get me wrong - I really don't like that Idea. I like that I have WHMCS on my server with only me responsible for it. I have a lifetime licence and I'm really worrying that WHMCS will focus on their WHMC hosting system and will abandon the stand alone servers.
  2. Any way - Please consider voting on the feature request... Until now only 2 votes (and one of them is me...). Thanks!
  3. What is this SaaS version? Is there any plans to change the way WHMCS is working from a self hosting software to a SaaS hosted by WHMCS?
  4. Hi, In version 8.0.4 when I try to add a new client I have to add a password during the client creation process or else I get error while In version 7.10.2 I can create a new client without adding such a password. The solution by WHMCS is: In my opinion this is so much more work than the process in version 7.10.2 - you made something simple to very cumbersome... And there is a security issue here... If our agent will have to manually insert a password and then manually send a password reset email - I guess that the password will not be a strong one, and maybe even the same password for several customers, and I guess that some of the customers will not go through the change password process - so in the end we will have clients / user with a week / repetitive password and that's a huge security risk! So in version 8 you created a cumbersome process that will also cause a security risk - This is bad.... Also please note that when adding a user to the account - we don't have to create a password, an email is sent to the user and he can use WHMCS password generator to create his password. So the only place we have to manually add a password is when we create the first user / client. Please consider implementing one of the following solutions ASAP: This is the best option: Auto generate a strong password for each user. If the user is requesting a different password he can do it via the client area or by asking us to send him the reset password email - but the baseline will be secure password. in this way you can remove the password field from the create new client process. Same as above - but without removing the password field - so if we want to create a custom password when creating a new client / user. if we will leave this field empty the system will auto-generate a strong password for the client. Use the built-in password generator in the browser (chrome for instance ) - so when the admin will click on the password field the browser will automatically offer a strong password. Add the WHMCS generate password button to the admin side so when an admin is creating a new client he will be able to generate a strong random password as part of the client creation process (just like the one other users will have at the client side). Any way - forcing us to manually create a password for the customer is wrong and cumbersome and really a security risk. Can you please share your thoughts and also vote here: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/auto-generate-a-password-while-creating-a-new-client-in-version-8 Regards, Ram
  5. It was... during the beta and RC period we had a similar thread with the same complains.
  6. Hi, @jimlongo and @pRieStaKos Thank you for your advice and suggestions. I will try to use codecademy to learn HTML then CSS then Javascript and in the end PHP and MYSQL. I guess that along the way I'll learn about Smarty, Bootstrap and Laravel (Laravel sound very interesting). @jimlongo - can you please explain what did you mean there: Any way If you can think of something else that can help me in my path to become a module developer - I'll really appreciate it. Thanks!!
  7. Hi, How are you all? I'm using WHMCS for a very long time (since 2012) - during this time I learned a lot about WHMCS. I'm very good at QA - and I've found and reported lots of bugs over the years. I never learned QA - but I'm very methodical and analytical person. I had some experience over the years with paying for custom developments of modules by several vendors, such as modulesgarden and whmcsservices, But although I appreciate the efforts and enjoy using the modules they created for me, in most cases the service level was not to my expectation and the costs was way higher than I can pay. I know and appreciate the fact that such custom developments cost money and that it's really hard work - so I'm not complaining. Also since the feature requests are very very slow way to push thing though (if it's a way at all) - I thinks it's time for me to try and start doing stuff on my own - I want to learn how to create modules that will connect WHMCS to other platforms (such as moodle, my autoresponder system etc) , I want to be able to change the look of my WHMCS, I want to change some aspects of WHMCS and to create modules that will help change WHMCS so it will be more suited to my business. I guess I need to learn lots of things in order to do so - PHP, HTML, CSS, MySql, javascript etc. And this is where I need your help and advise... 1. Since I'm less than newbie - What should I learn and in what order to learn it? 2. Where should I learn it? codecademy? udemy? Coursera? Please note that I prefer a structured step by step course. 3. Can you please recommend specific courses I should take? I know it's time consuming and it's not an easy rode to take - but I want to do it and hopefully can do it so in the end I will be able to create modules by myself. Can someone please help me figure out the road I should take in order to succeed? Regards, Ram
  8. Hi, In general I think the integration should include: Ability to sell a course that we created in moodle via WHMCS - so when creating a new product in WHMCS we could choose the relevant course or several courses (bundle) that this product will include. Each such course product in WHMCS should behave like any other product - including the pricing, billing, invoicing, ordering etc. There should be an option to one time payment or a subscription (monthly, yearly etc) and also time limit and without a time limit. There should be a way to show in WHMCS product page the course description from moodle. There should be a connection between the payment status and the access to moodle - so if a customer payment got decline his access to the moodle site should be temporarily revoked (Suspension) and the same for Termination - according to the relevant setting in WHMCS. also when cancelling the invoice etc. Once a customer bought and paid for a course the order in WHMCS should be set to Payment Status - Complete and also the order status should be automatically set to Active. So once a customer paid for the course the process should continued automatically without the need for any manual steps. Once a customer bought and paid for a course - the course should be added to the WHMCS client area under the client Products & Services section. via this section the client will be able to login to the relevant course in moodle - directly without the need to login to moodle separately. if the customer bought several courses in a bundle Once a customer bought and paid for a course he should be added to the relevant course student list and have access to it according to the product settings in WHMCS. Please note that he can buy a course bundle and should be added to all of them in moodle. All the relevant information from moodle - such as the course name, description etc - should be added as a Merge Fields in WHMCS Email Templates. There should be a way to disable direct login to moodle by the clients - the connection should be available only via the WHMCS client area. If there is a way to open the moodle course as a tab inside WHMCS client area it will be superb. So the customer will stay in the WHMCS client area all the time. There should be an option to create an iframe code that we can add outside on WHMCS (in our wordpress site) so a customer can click on such a button, login or create a new account (in to WHMCS) and buy the relevant course directly from within wordpress. Something like that.... Maybe you can add some more features based on your current WooCommerce and Magento integration to moodle. Regards, Ram
  9. Hi @polyglot2 Did you managed to develop a module to connect WHMCS and moodle? Regards, Ram
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