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Huge amount of fake accounts


In an effort to try to combat and prevent these orders from being successful, our team has worked to implement Google's invisible reCAPTCHA to the shopping cart checkout workflow through the use of the hooks system, please click here for more information.

Looking to Mass Delete clients? There is a guide to doing this here

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Actually, there's more than one type of reCaptcha Site Key. I too was getting an error, which I tracked down to trying to use v2 site type keys, when you need to create a NEW Invisible Site Type key and enter that into the admin settings.

That may help fix your issues.

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On 19/05/2018 at 6:11 AM, JYLee said:

The  cart_recaptcha.php prevents credit card process (Stripe).

Hi @JYLee,

We haven't had reports of this from anyone else. Are all your template files up to date? As of 7.5, we required template updates to allow the use of Stripe due to code changes.

If you're sure your templates are up to date, could you submit a support ticket, providing login details to WHMCS and FTP so that we can look in to this for you?

Best Regards,

Peter Bishop
Technical Analyst

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Hi All,

I was successfully using your recaptcha hook until this week, but it is now causing the submit button to be greyed out, I am also using stripe but I don't think this is related.

It seems like there is a bug in recaptcha itself, other's have also reported this:



In the network logs I am seeing

recaptcha )]}' SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

It seems like Google is sending invalid responses, the rest of the response looked fine other than the first line having )]}'.


This causes the button to be greyed out on the checkout page with no error, I commented out the recaptcha hook and this solved the problem.



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We have confirmed there is problem with using the invisible_recaptcha. 

All is good until customer reached the final page to click on the "Complete Order". When the invisible recaptcha is enabled, when customer click on "Complete Order", it is only clickable and does no action. I have tested and set it back to default captcha, and all is working good again.

Anyone got solution to this?

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No, have not had that problem, I have been using the hook and the invisible_recaptcha since they made the change, I even done a test myself all is well on my end.

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Still very buggy.

The issue is customer face this "complete order" does nothing at their end but we cannot replicate it. Although there is the recaptcha graphic at bottom right at their checkout, but it does not prompt for manual recaptcha verification or other thing.

This mostly happen few cases already when customer is using credit card stripe checkout.

Hope there can be improvement to this.

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