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  1. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    With all these fake clients coming in, would be nice to have a 'Delete Selected Clients' option on the Clients list page. I'll add it to the wish list.
  2. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    7.5.1 - latest upgrade
  3. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Upgrade hasn't helped, I'm on the absolute latest version.
  4. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Cool, another option to try - thank you - just had Maintenance Mode on overnight so back at it again. I'll report back as well.
  5. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    And my last assumption of allowing clients to register domains, hasn't actually worked either I've certainly slowed things down but whew... yes, would love WHMCS to have a deep look at something??
  6. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    I'VE HAD A WIN! - turned OFF General Settings / Domains / Domain Registration Options / "Allow Clients to register domains with you". Haven't had a dodgy client for 20 minutes now! Most of my clients I either acquire their domain names or they are transferred in so that option for me is never used. It has however stopped my spammers as each was seemingly ordering a Domain Name. Will of course continue to 'watch and act'.
  7. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Same here - just had gmail come in...grrrr...
  8. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Took my whole WHMCS offline for 12 hours Have about 5 domains banned within my CPanel Changed CPanel password Changed database password Updated my WHMCS to latest version Set my WHMCS back online, and guess what, 5 minutes later, they're baaack.....! Oops, should be Have also now added about 10 domains to my Banned email list - as per the list below So having done all the above, it 'possibly' appears to me there may be a dodgy file within the file system that isn't part of the update system (i.e. somewhere in my template?? that has been infected??) Email Domain Usage Count .tom.com 0 126.com 0 163.com 0 jifewrji.com 0 ohh.cn 0 ohu.com 0 qq.com 0 sina.com 0 yahoo.com.cn Any further thoughts WHMCS John??
  9. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Whoa, just took maintenance mode off and fake clients coming in again ..... Have once again removed those from the database, updated WHMCS to absolute latest version, checked site files for any obscure php files and found none. Returned to working mode (not maintenance mode) Fake customers still coming in. Any further thoughts? I'm back in Maintenance mode again
  10. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Thank you for that and yes, I did have that ticked but now not so - also managed to remove all fake client accounts via the database so I'm back to a clean WHMCS again. I did have associated orders with some of those dummy clients anyway so maybe that wasn't the issue? Have also now changed all relevant passwords etc but if this is not just me, not sure that will help either?
  11. kaybee57

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Exactly them same - I now have 1500 new users! Grrr... Any thoughts?
  12. kaybee57

    PDF Quotes Issue

    Thank-you - this solved my problem as well!

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