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Well, Here is mine


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I'd make the order form secure by default, I think that would appeal more to potential clients as your pre sales form currently goes secure so you'd might as well do the order form I would have thought.


Design wise I'd say the colour scheme could do with a bit of a rethink, the grey/light yellow/white combo aren't very complimentary but that's just my opinion. Also the right hand column appears and disappears across pages, usually it's best to keep the layout as uniform as possible. Maybe checking out somewhere like the open source web design directory would provide some inspiration it's at http://www.oswd.org/

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Making the order form secure by default would be great except I don't know how completely. The links to it which I created myself I can do that with but I am using FrontPage to build it and I don't know how to change the webbot generated link bars that appear on the left and bottom of my pages.

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Don't know if anyone else found this issue - but it took ages to load your client home page :(


I think you may have looked on the day I was having server issues but that is all better now...I hope.


Nevertheless, I have changed some stuff. I was using inline frames to display WHMCS pages which I have determined to be inefficient. So I customized WHMCS templates a little, and the issue with FP Links and SSL is also resolved.

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This is meant to be constructive criticism but may sound a bit harsh so i apologise in advance!


I really preferred your old layout - even if it was using frames. Now it just looks like a vanilla whmcs installation with a nasty banner at the top. It looks like your banner has been squashed to fit into that space, giving lots of aliasing and a very jagged appearance.


If i were you i would look at trying to achieve your original effect with out using frames - it should be easy to integrate a your header and footer. At current it looks far to different than your actual site.


Again, sorry if i appear to be over harsh, im just sharing my opinion.



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Looks good but in your index page, the comment What our clients say about us by Carmella Martinez


" They have very reasonable rates and a very user friendly website. I have tried other places and was not very impressed. Host-best has made the process very easy and have been super helpful every step of the way. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to build their own website. "


She's complimenting Host-best, is Host-best part of wizzerdwerks enterprise?

If not you might want to change that.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Actually host-best is owned by Wizzerdwerks but you are right. Needed to be fixed. So now it is, along with a link to back it up. Yeah I did borrow it from wizzerdwerks reviews for host-best and that client does actually have accounts at host-best and the comment is there with her permission. Do you need more?

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