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Introducing Reactions, the new Reputation

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The previous WHMCS Community had a feature known as "Reputation". This allowed you to approve or disapprove of a users post which resulted in Reputation Points being awarded or removed.

In the new WHMCS.Community, this is replaced by a feature called "Reactions".  Reactions are a quick and easy way to show others what you think of a post.  Located at the bottom right of all posts, and indicated by a heart when hovering over it, you can choose from a range of reactions.


Each reaction adds or removes from a users reputation, as well as contributes to the ranking of the posters leaderboard.  In future it will also be used as a contributing factor in promotion up through the community ranks.

Reactions are the first step in our journey to add a bit more fun to our community.

We hope you like them!

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    • By WHMCS ChrisD
      You may not have noticed it before, at the bottom of each page is a heart, if you hover over this you'll get another 8 reactions that you can use to give members "Kudos/Thanks/Thumbs up or Down" on the community.  It's available on every post, except for your own.

      Each reaction adds or removes from a users reputation, as well as contributes to the ranking of the posters leaderboard.  We've added these as a way to make interacting on the community a bit more fun, instead of posting a Thanks or Like you can just use a reaction. You can see a members total reputation points in the Postbit on the left hand side of each post, just below their Community Rank.

      We use reactions right across the community, the WHMCS.Community Leaderboard is built off reactions, each time a community user add a reaction to your posts it adds or subtracts points based on the reaction used, we also use this to gauge the most popular content on the community that we refer to in each Community Wrapup.  
      Very soon, we'll also begin using reputation as a part of the Community Ranking structure this means the more reputation points you gain, the higher up the leaderboard you'll go, for a number of ranks, you'll need to get a certain level of reputation to "rank up" to a new level.
      If you'd like to learn more about reactions or have suggestions for other reaction icons we could add, let us know!
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