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New product, endless module loading


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Hey ChrisD,


i activate the module logs and tried to reproduce the problem. But the module log is still emty.

If i take a look at the database tblactivitylog i can see actions like this after selecting the module:

WHMCS data used: WHMCS data after overwrite: "type"=>"listAll", Easy-Wi.com API Response: "types"=>"gameServer,mysqlServer,tsdnsServer,voiceServer,webspaceServer","server"=>"



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have you uploaded/installed it correctly?


looking at the github - https://github.com/easy-wi/whmcs - where I assume you're d/l the module from, then if it's loaded correctly, it should work...




I can see an addons folder AND a servers folder - the product will need the files from the servers folder, so if you upload all the files to the correct folders, activate it, configure the settings and then try to use the module in a product settings, it should work.


though with it being a 3rd-party addon, you should probably contact the developer for advice if you can't get it working.

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Hello brain!,


i use the github files which you linked.

The Addons->Easy-WI->Masterlist works well the other tabs too. Only the product module tab won't work.




Maybe an permissions problem?

/modules/servers/easywi/easywi.php | clientarea_password.tpl | clientarea.tpl 604

/modules/addons/easywi/easywi.php | hooks.php 604

/modules/addons/easywi/inc/* 604

/modules/addons/easywi/lang/* 604

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did you upload the two or three files to the WHMCS root directory too?


when I did this yesterday, I just quickly FTP'd all the files to a v7.2b dev (i've no reason to think it wouldn't work on a 7.1 installation) and didn't take any notice of the permissions automatically assigned - I just activated the addon (no configuration as I don't use easy-wi) and then edited a product to use the module and produced the screenshot above.

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