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Hi all,


I am new to this forum and have read through the rules and T&C's but should i post something that is not permitted please correct me and point me in the right direction.


We have multiple servers for our client accounts (cPanel),E.G(client-server-1, 2, 3 ,etc) we obviously do not want to set up each server with a nameserver as we want to use a set of "common" nameservers. So how do we get WHMCS to create the cPanel account on the designated server but create the zone records (DNS) on our primary server so this records can be clustered to our backup nameservers?


I hope this question makes sense (that is if WHMCS can even accomplish this task so what we would ideally want is the following.


1) Main WHMCS primary server "server.ourdomain.com"(ns1.ourdomain.com, ns2.ourdomain.com) DNS server (where we want to store all the zone records for all cPanel accounts from all the client servers.


2) Client servers "server-01.ourdomain.com" .... "server-99.ourdomain.com", cPanel accounts are kept on these servers and their DNZ (zone records) are all stored on the Main WHMCS primary server.


Any advice on how to achieve this or how to implement this would be very appreciated.


Kind Regards,

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As mentioned by @Daniel, this really isn't a WHMCS question, but cPanel, or DNS clustering

Here's how I did this, back when I ran my own DNS (nowadays, I use cloudflare, offload whatever I can):


1: Pick up 2 cheap VPS'. 1 GIG of ram minimum. Make them in different locations

2: Install DNSOnly

3: Configure your servers to talk to each other (DNS included) through clustering. See the DNS clustering option in WHM.

4: Order product through WHMCS, and have it setup in WHM. Make sure your nameservers in your server setup are all the same two nameservers


The only thing you'll pay for here is the VPS' in step 1. You can get those dirt cheap usually. I think I paid around $7/server for mine at the time


cPanel, upon account creation will automatically talk to the nameservers , sync everything as necessary and you'll be good to go

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