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Upgrade from WHMCS 5.3 to 7.1

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We have recently bought one of our competitors and with that we also got a WHMCS installation, which for reason was not update beyond version 5.3

However we are now facing an issue with the upgrade process.

We have followed the upgrade guide and made backups as needed. We did also overwrite the files from the V5 installation with the new V7.1.2 files and tried to complete the upgrade, but it does not detect the WHMCS installation although all requirement checks are passing and the configuration.php is there.


The old installation was running on PHP 5.4.45 and when upgrading to WHMCS 7.1.2, we also upgraded PHP to version 7.0.17


Is there a way to update directly to WHMCS 7.1 or should I go through some other versions in between and how do I get access for downloading these or is this the kind of upgrade that requires assistance from the WHMCS technical team.

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Same as previously. There's really no manual 'upgrade' steps, it's just a common sense thing. 

Two very critical pieces of advice here before you do this

I can't stress this enough. MySQL, compressed backups (files, everything). Go as far as making a second backup just in case!!!

#2: Move (current) modules and templates to modules.bak and templates.bak before you upload the new stuff. 
This is going to help reduce errors going forward. Since you've gone some time without updating, I'd say it's safe to bet that you won't find anything there compatible anyways

Once you do all that, upload the whmcs files to whmcs, then run the installer.  Then you get to go through and put your old purchased modules back into place

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