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Moving from Enom to Directi?


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I have a few hundred domains with enom and I'm really interested in the Directi service as promoted by WHMCS.


1) anyone made this move and is there a simple process to have all of my enom domains moved?


2) is there anything I need to know (pitfalls) before making the move?


Thanks in advance.



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Being more specific, what I need to know is:


Is there a way for me to initiate a global bulk transfer to DirectI without incurring renewal/transfer fees on each domain ? or is the only way for us to do this, to initiate the transfer manually as each domain comes up for renewal?


If that is the case, I doubt whether I can make the move, much as I would want to.

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I made the switch as well and I don't think there is a way to do what you want. Every account that I transferred had to pay the renewal fee. So, I was just doing them one at a time when they were up for renewal.


thanks mrprez,

Yeah, thats what I feared. I already did this to move to enom a couple of years ago, to obtain their 'cheaper' prices but now find their price to me is too high. I'm a modernbill sub account holder and its now $8.45 per domain and $6.95 for whois protection (ouch). whereas Directi are 50 cents cheaper per domain and whois protection is free of charge.


Its gonna get messy with customers having domains renewed for 1 year moving and for 2+ not moving for years after that.


Its a wonder ICANN don't make the process of choice a bit simpler. Guess that's 1 place where UK domains score over US domains in that a simple change of IPS TAG moves the domain (without penalty or fee) to a registrar of your choice.



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Hi Si,


Yes this is down to ICANN and the "registries" making sure that they get their "wedge".

Its also the same if you want to move a domain, if registered or renewed/transferred, the domain itself cant be moved for some 60 days...


Certainly the fact that you can get .net's for $5.45 now and .com's for $6.95 it all comes down to the bottom dollar, or in our case shillings and pence!! :)


Nominet has its faults dont get me wrong, but at least they get sorted damn quickly.



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