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How do you handle domain renewals?


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I am still on 3.3 and although a domain can be ordered when purchasing a hosting plan with a recurring annual charge, no recurring charges can be specified for a domain- that is, you can't set up domain registration as a product/service and then have pricing applied to it.


So, how do you good folks handle domain renewals? Do you watch it manually and advise the client?

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Domains do have a recurring annual charge and WHMCS will invoice clients for them at whatever price you've set for the renewal. Not sure why you would want to setup a domain registration as a product though as that would mean none of the domain registrar features worked.



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Configuration | Domain Pricing


Enter your registration fee

Enter your Transfer fee

Enter your renewal fee

Select from 1 - 10 years for registration/renewal period


Do this for each TLD you sell




In 3.3 I believe domains are treated the same as all packages and invoices will then be generated according to the rules you input in the BILLING SETTINGS


In 3.4 (in this same area) you have a completely new area called DOMAIN REMINDER SETTINGS which you can set up with automatic invoice generation and email reminders.


Default is:

First Renewal Notice 60

Second Renewal Notice 30

Third Renewal Notice 15

Fourth Renewal Notice 7

Fifth Renewal Notice 1

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Si and Matt, thank you.


Si, much obliged for the detailed explanation. Guess what? I thought I was using 3.3 but looking through old emails, I just saw Matt's announcement about 3.3 and I know I haven't upgraded, so I am probably running an older version.


I will post a new thread about that. Sorry.

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Sorry Matt,

Was composing my reply when you were also replying.



Not a problem - yours is more detailed so should help more anyway! :)


I haven't upgraded, so I am probably running an older version.

It's always worked the same - invoicing for renewals. So makes no difference.



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If the domain is free with a package, are renewal notices still sent?

Good point - currently I think they would be so will look at that for the next update.




I hope you can release a patch very quickly as 95% of my customers get their domains for free and this would be very confusing. I already had a lot of confusion from my customers when i upgraded to 3.4 and had a lot of invoices created because of the paypal situation. Makes my company look really bad when its not an issue i am causing personally and cannot resolve.

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