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  1. Thanks very much. As I mentioned, my needs are modest. Contacting sales for a clarification about the refund policy is a great suggestion. And, I didn't know all it required was a tweak to my licence settings!
  2. Thanks for the feedback. My needs are modest, so I will probably give it a go.
  3. Does this mean that if I use custom fields to collect sensitive login information, WHMCS won't store them encrypted unless I use some commercial solution? That sounds quite disappointing, if true.
  4. I am already running WHMCS and am thinking of purchasing the project management addon. Ours is a small company handling virtual server setup and migration projects and we need a way to handle this in a proper manner, including integration with WHMCS support ticket system and invoicing. We also need to do time tracking for our Block hour billing for server management. Any idea if the project management addon fits the bill? I don't see too many enthusiastic reviews anywhere on the web, so it's difficult to know about the quality of the add-on. I would very much appreciate any feedback from the folks on this community that will help me take a decision.
  5. Hello Chetan, thanks for sharing your experience. I wouldn't mind $60 or even $100 as a one-time fee, but $60 every year seems over the top to me. And, I am concerned with the downgraded user ratings for the module in recent months.
  6. Yeah, I looked at the GST module by WGS in the market place many times. It seems to have almost everything I want, despite a few minor shortcomings. But, at $60 per annum, it feels like a rip-off. And, I noted with concern the downswing in user ratings over the past few months. I will check out Kian's billing extension - thanks for the pointer.
  7. I reached out to WHMCS support and explained the issue in detail. It appears that, even though WHMCS doesn't show any indication to the user, it does calculate the tax rules correctly in the final step (when it checks for the State/Province to which the registered user belongs). I checked this with a user profile and was able to confirm this - the invoice that was generated, correctly applied the tax rules as SGST+CGST, although the cart checkout pages had kept showing IGST upto that point. I asked if there was a way to show an interstitial page or message to the user along the lines of 'Applying tax rules based on domicile/state' and was told this isn't possible and pointed to the 'Estimate taxes' button, instead. So, for now, this has pulled me back from abandoning WHMCS .🙂
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I will log a ticket and see what the dev team says. I am on the verge of abandoning WHMCS because of this as it can really cause serious legal problems.
  9. I used the discussion below (with some minor tweaks) to configure GST in my WHMCS install: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/gst-application-in-india The problem is that the rules are applied correctly if the user is already logged in and then adds a product/service to the cart. In this scenario, WHMCS correctly picks up the State (Province) to which the user belongs and then applies the taxes separately as CGST (9%) and SGST (9%). However, if the user adds the product/service anonymously, the IGST (18%) gets applied and the cart flow proceeds to checkout even if the user logs in at that point by clicking on the 'Already Registered' button. This seems like a flaw in the system to me because, as per Indian laws, IGST only applies to interstate transactions (say, supplier is in TamilNadu and customer is in Maharashtra) and not intrastate transactions (both supplier and customer are in TamilNadu). I think it's fine that WHMCS assumes IGST when the order is added anonymously. But, once the user logs in by clicking 'Already Registered' or even creates the account at the part in the checkout, WHMCS should check the tax rules and modify them as SGST+CGST or leave it as IGST, as appropriate. Right now, this is not happening and can turn out to be a major legal headache down the road.
  10. @Kian and @brian!, Thank you both for the links and the helpful suggestions and tips. Appreciate it very much. With regard to linking WordPress and WHMCS, I was looking at WHMPress, which seems impressive. But, I don't need anything more than a simple site at the moment, so these pages should be enough to get me going. Thank you both, once again.
  11. I have WHMCS installed at the root of my domain and am looking to do the following and it's not clear if I can use WHMCS itself or I need any addons: Make the public area/pages of the WHMCS install itself as my web site, with a product page for each product/service sold by me A link from each product page will take the user to the cart page/checkout I am aware that the cart pages, invoices can be customized, but it's not clear where to start if I want to add a fresh new page within WHMCS, fill it with the content and images I want and then include a link to the cart/checkout. Essentially, I am trying to use WHMCS as a barebones web site until I can move on to something like WordPress and spend more time and money linking up the two. Thanks in advance.
  12. We are a GSuite Partner, too and I am also looking for a solution that will integrate with WHMCS. I didn't try out the one from Modules Garden, but, like you, it didn't feel right to me.
  13. Fantastic, thank you. This is the kind and level of documentation for customization that needs to be on wiki.whmcs.com but WHMCS never manages to do. Thanks again. You have probably saved people like me hours and hours of work.
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