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Problem with order entry and billing cycle

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I had a product setup and only a monthly price defined. I also had prorate turned on.


I would then make an order, set the billing term to annual, do a price override.


The system would create the service, make the product monthly, but keep my price override.


I had forgotten I hadn't set an annual price, but it seems to me that it shouldn't change back to monthly, when I set it, or if it's not allowed, it should alert me to an invalid billing term.


The pain is then when I go to fix it, I change the product to annual and then another invoice generates out. Customers get very confused.



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In general our design posture is that admins know what they are doing and we don't want to get in their way. Recently we had a discussion that was similar to this about allowing admins to use expired promotional codes. We ultimately decided to add a permission for the admin role that allows you to decide if each user is allowed to apply expired promotions. Would adding a similar permission to allow the user to select payment terms you don't have defined pricing for be a fix for you?


Nate C

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A permission role might be nice, but here's the core of my issue with the current implementation:


I'm ok with it restricting price overrides for a payment cycle not setup, but enough time had passed that I'd forgotten I hadn't setup those cycles. So when trying to do the price override, and the order form letting me, then I get an invoice and service that don't actually reflect what I entered, that's the issue.


If the cycle isn't allowed because it's not setup, something should alert me on the order screen. Currently I have to remember what terms are setup for what items. It seems bad form to accept the user input, then change everything because it doesn't match preexisting setup. At very least, it should throw back an error that the billing cycle is not valid or not setup.


Several times I've been through this and get wrong invoices and wrong service setups and I thought maybe I made an order entry mistake until I actually tracked this down.


Does this make sense what I'm explaining?





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