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  1. Honestly, after what I'm going through today with Enom, I'm interested in taking a look. I know some of their reseller plans have an annual fee however.
  2. Posting an update to this thread to bump it up. Enom is doing a datacenter migration this weekend, I never got notification but other resellers might have. (https://enomstatus.com) They have ran into issues and it keeps getting bumped, can't login at all. They have stated that DNS should still resolve, it's just redirection that is down, but the issue appears to be that if you were using their redirection for your website, then it impacted all other records in the zone, including MX, so in effect, your whole DNS zone is down if you were redirecting your website. Maybe with this WHMCS will find someone else to recommend?
  3. We kept the expiration dates correct, but we changed the due dates to all be the same and turned off due date sync in settings. The issue is that the template for sending out domain expiration notices are triggered off the due date, not the expiration date, so we had clients get confused. Not good.
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look. I was planning on using the AddClient API.
  5. I've had the same issue and tried finding some code samples for just using the API to import them but no such luck.
  6. How would one go about configuring the system if we want to send one invoice a year with the renewals for all the domains for that year? I know we can change the due dates on the domains, but the system wants to change them when it syncs. Is anyone else doing billing this way? We have some clients that just want the single invoice for the year to renew all domains. Thanks.
  7. See my post here: They seem to have some issues accepting new resellers, and I didn't have time to chase them to ask if I could be a customer.
  8. I don't consider godaddy/namecheap/namesilo as serious contenders when dealing with thousands of domains.
  9. We have clients that require their services to be hosted by US based companies. It's not a matter of using USD or not.
  10. Never got anything more from them and never followed up. I'm sticking with enom for now.
  11. trying this script, getting PHP Warning: Undefined array key 1 in /path to script/clientimport.php on line 87 Warning: Undefined array key 1 in /path to script/clientimport.php on line 87 PHP Warning: Undefined array key "result" in /path to script/clientimport.php on line 91 PHP Warning: Undefined array key "message" in /path to script/clientimport.php on line 96 PHP Warning: Undefined array key 1 in/path to script/clientimport.php on line 87 for each entry in the csv. When I set the script active bool to 0 it appears to be fine and echos the records back correctly to the screen. Any ideas? Thanks. edit: lines in my file: 87: $results[$temp[0]] = $temp[1]; 91: if ($results["result"]=="success") { 96: echo "The following error occured: ".$results["message"]; I'm wondering if this is a php version issue?
  12. I don’t believe there are any docs detailing how stripe data is stored in the database.
  13. Yeah, it's not that easy, they really encrypt this stuff in the DB and that's where you'd have to do the updates.
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