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  1. blakeh

    General Ledger Account Codes

    Is this for your internal GL account code? You can add a custom field that shows as Admin only and Invoice under the product setup. I've toyed with just adding a code as a prefix to the product description, like a SKU number.
  2. It's that time of year where I'm banging my head against a wall. Invoice Sync with Xero or QB is really not workable, too much time spent cleaning up discrepancies and dealing with more stuff in the account system that we don't need or want in there. What I long for, in my heart of hearts is an actual General Ledger export. We define in WHMCS what products map to what account codes and export the daily data once it is paid. We don't care about pushing all those customers into our financial system, they are in WHMCS and they can stay there. This would simplify so much. I can expand on this if needed, but it shouldn't be that difficult of a concept, and it would make it much easier to integrate to many different accounting systems because almost all of them allow for Gengeral Ledger or Journal Entry import. bh
  3. So found a bug on this, but don't know if it's with the premium flag or not. Premium domain didn't renew. Renewed it manually. For some reason the date changed or something changed and even though the domain was renewed, when enom did the date sync, a new invoice was generated. What governs this?
  4. But does that only mean for premium domains registered through customer shopping cart interactions? We register all our customer domains for them via admin by placing an order.
  5. Will this get exposed in the UI somehow in a future update?
  6. This is because it's a premium domain. My question is how can we mark a domain as premium in WHMCS? The docs say it will show a red flag in admin, but that only seems to be if it was ordered by the customer in whmcs, not if we entered the order manually. How to fix?
  7. blakeh

    Mass Pay Invoices - how to find

    Update: there is a way, if you query the invoice items table, and look for 'AddFunds' in the type field, or 'Add Funds' in the description field. This gets you any invoice that was generated that's not related to service. To find mass pay invoices, you search the type field for 'Invoice' or you can also search the description field for the word 'Invoice #' since that only shows up on mass pay invoices. bh
  8. blakeh

    Mass Pay Invoices - how to find

    So, that's obviously a 'no'. How about a suggestion in an future update. Mass Pay invoice numbers get some prefix, suffix, something to denote that the are a special invoice and not for product or service. Or maybe something that marks regular invoices to show they are paid via mass pay. Or maybe WHMCS would just do accounting like other software and understand the concept of a journal entry, or a general ledger that we could easily export to real accounting software instead of dealing with this. bh
  9. I found someone who is helping me with it, thank you. bh
  10. I went to the site and tried to fill out the form, but the form was requiring a skype account and my whmcs url. That's a little too much required info just to talk about a possible job.
  11. Looking for an invoice template that we can then just print the WHMCS pdf invoice, fold, and place in a double window business #10 envelope. No one has made one, so looking to get a quote for someone to create one. Thanks. bh
  12. blakeh

    Email hosting service which do you use

    You should look at a service like Mailgun or Sendgrid if you're sending out that much volume. bh
  13. I'll spare everyone the #rant about mass pay, functionality, and the like. Mass pay doesn't work with Xero Sync. I know this now. Is there some type of query I can run against the database to get a list of the mass pay invoices? Some characteristic that they don't have with normal invoices to get a list? Thanks.
  14. blakeh

    Marketing domain and hosting services

    The key here is to focus on your value add. If you highlight the pricing, then to the customers, you just appear to be competing with others based on price. If you focus on your local market, and the service, support, and custom solutions, or needs evaluation, then you'll attract the customers who value those services, which you can make more margin on for the time invested. As a web dev shop, you can't make any money competing with the big boys that have everything automated, but you can attract customers who want to do business with someone local, or who can help them with custom solutions. We've been selling hosting and domains for 10 years, but it's mainly been referral from local market and word of mouth. That being said, this year we will launch a website. Our primary focus is business email hosting. Web and domains are complimentary services for us. Hope this is helpful. bh
  15. We've been using the edge module and are happy with it. It's not perfect but we know how to work around it. We sync payments.

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