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  1. Something this basic shouldn't have to be kludged with a hook. We acquired a company that had modded WHMCS with hooks and custom scripts to mess with and alter domain sync dates. It was a nightmare to deal with. Some of their mods were doing direct database edits to override domain date sync settings. (ironically, from what we could see, they were doing db edits to override the date sync instead of just turning it off in the settings) Maybe a better idea is if they included a toggle option per domain that it's exempt from the date sync, that way it's as granular as you can get. We have our fix for now, we manually set all our domain due dates to what we want.
  2. I've already done all that and have kludged a way to make it do what we need, but we basically give up the ability for domain invoice dates to sync to x days before expiration and we have to update that manually. I agree with you that we need more granular control, I think one way might be to exclude a customer from the system sync next due date settings. That right there would solve the issue.
  3. I'm talking about it being automated, not having to do it manually each year.
  4. In no way am I expecting WHMCS to be an accounting package, any more than I expect a cash register at my coffee shop to reconcile my bank account. I have a background in accounting and business. I've been helping clients for 30 years connect their accounting systems with Line of Business (LOB) apps. What I expect is that WHMCS, as a billing package used by business owners would be better at understanding that this data needs to be easily exportable to accounting systems. Syncing all invoices to the financial system is impractical, and especially for this industry, where it can be high churn, just silly. Cash registers support this type of function. Restaurant POS systems support this. Currently the best work around is to use Xero as middleware and get actual financial data from it to put into your accounting system.
  5. Basically this, we're here because of how it started and some early decisions.
  6. I don't want to hire a dev to create code compensating for something the software should be basically better at.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not the OP, and I've been using (suffering through?) the software for over 10 years. It's made a lot of improvements, but also taken some steps back over the years. I went to cPanel Conf one year and remember talking to one dev and trying to explain how old school cash registers and restaurant POS software systems would allow for GL mapping and export to 3rd party accounting systems and how it would be nice if WHMCS allowed for this at a basic level for accounting needs. I could tell by the expression on his face that he didn't understand why you'd need or want to do such a thing. I wish WHMCS had some folks working for them that understand the business side of what we, their customers who use the software, have to deal with. But in the meantime, I'll await the next addons to the marketconnect place, like avocado delivery or Yelp ads.
  8. I've starting using it for my backups and some clients, but not using it via marketconnect, just direct. I've done a couple of restores, so far no issues.
  9. Yes, I know this. My frustration is that WHMCS could be much better at understanding that we will need to get the data into a financial system and organize it in a way to make it easier and facilitate it better. (i.e. better reports, ability to do GL exports, etc)
  10. Other industries solved this years ago by having the billing system do GL exports to any accounting system you wanted instead of having to sync every single transaction, thus junking up the accounting system.
  11. Been using Stripe since it got included in the core software.
  12. Use Xero, works better to integrate with WHMCS. I really wish WHMCS understood actual business accounting concepts better, it annoys me that every solution is to sync/dump all the invoices into an accounting system.
  13. Honestly, after what I'm going through today with Enom, I'm interested in taking a look. I know some of their reseller plans have an annual fee however.
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