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  1. I don’t believe there are any docs detailing how stripe data is stored in the database.
  2. Yeah, it's not that easy, they really encrypt this stuff in the DB and that's where you'd have to do the updates.
  3. There really isn't a way to do this. We acquired a hosting company that was already using Stripe and WHMCS. We ended up just having to take over their Stripe account. Stripe can copy customer records and tokens to a new account, but there's no way to update the whmcs database without contacting support, and they seem confused and not aware of any of this. They finally gave us a quote of about $500 for a script.
  4. I feel your pain. What we're doing for now is using xero.com as middleware, dumping 3 diff whmcs installs into that and then our accountant exports GL data from xero into Sage. The xero sync module from Edge Hosting has been great for this, and they keep improving it.
  5. I found the issue. I was trying to invoke the script from the wrong URL, I was trying to access it from whmcs.com/admin/install instead of whmcs.com/install I just got hung up on the security warning, because it didn't actually say that the folder doesn't exist. Now everything fine. Just a wrong URL. 10 years with the software, but I just don't want to mess with the auto updater yet.
  6. So upgrade 3 diff installs of WHMCS, first two go fine. Doing it manually. The last two we're going from 8.1 to 8.2.1. First one went fine, but on the last one, when trying to run the install/update script it just keeps telling me that the install folder needs deleted, but if I delete it, it errors out that the db is still version 8.1 and the installed software is 8.2.1. Tried turning on display errors, that changed nothing. Any ideas? I've never run into this, and the one that I did right before this one is nearly identical config and system, so not sure what's different. Thanks. EDIT: ok, never mind, figured out the issue, I was trying to call the install folder like it was located in my admin folder. Just not sure why it wouldn't say "file not found"? So I chased red herring of an broken install folder.
  7. I looked in tblactivitylog and the userid is the user who did it, there is no customer id. It's v7.
  8. What would cause items for different clients to show in the Client Log tab? It just started yesterday, but we're seeing a few items for one client (payment posting by admin) showing in the log tab for a totally different client. Looking in the database table, there's really no extra info on each entry, so what dictates which entries show in the log tab for a particular client? Thanks.
  9. I fill-up their reseller form 07.08.2020 & today is 11.08.2020 but still don't get any email from their end. Reply from Livechat: We have had quite a few reseller applications lately. Since it's an area that requires a lot of back and forth emails and careful review, we review them on a first come first serve model. I would like to ask you until 14th this Month - if you do not hear back from us by then - please reach out and we'll escalate it further up. Well that doesn't bode well.
  10. Thank you, that page got me what I was looking for which was: https://www.epik.com/reseller/form.php I'll give them a call and have a chat with them.
  11. I visited their site, I don't see any mention of a reseller program, only an affiliate program. Not wasting my time reselling someone else's retail services. Am I missing something or is there a reseller brand they go by?
  12. Interested in this topic also. Been with Enom for 15 years, but ever since OpenSRS took them over and imposed their price structure it's gotten worse, and the system has errored out and gotten slower at times. Someone mentioned Resellerclub, won't touch them with the other dudes barge pole, they are owned by EIG, no good will come of that. Tried engaging with 101domain.com, but their reseller program has been on permanent "Not accepting new applications" for about 4 years and counting. (not sure why they even bother having it on the website. Interested in anyone's input dealing with several thousand domains and options that aren't Enom. Thanks.
  13. Is this for your internal GL account code? You can add a custom field that shows as Admin only and Invoice under the product setup. I've toyed with just adding a code as a prefix to the product description, like a SKU number.
  14. It's that time of year where I'm banging my head against a wall. Invoice Sync with Xero or QB is really not workable, too much time spent cleaning up discrepancies and dealing with more stuff in the account system that we don't need or want in there. What I long for, in my heart of hearts is an actual General Ledger export. We define in WHMCS what products map to what account codes and export the daily data once it is paid. We don't care about pushing all those customers into our financial system, they are in WHMCS and they can stay there. This would simplify so much. I can expand on this if needed, but it shouldn't be that difficult of a concept, and it would make it much easier to integrate to many different accounting systems because almost all of them allow for Gengeral Ledger or Journal Entry import. bh
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