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Custom Billing Issue


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Hi all,


I am new to this system but am proficient in all other cms's so not clueless

So what i am trying to do to -

have a product that is a recurring monthly payment payment (e.g. £15 per month indefinitely) but what i want is for them to initially pay the first (4 months on one product and 3 months for others) upfront.


so just to clarify :

They purchase product 1 in january thats £15 per month

so in january they pay £75 (4 months upfront) then they don't pay anything until May at which time they will pay £15 (for junes service) and then £15 every month there after..


I have been told web hooks may do this, i have already tried to use promotions but i just can't make it work acceptably.


Thanks in advance for your time all.



Dan Meanock

Dpm Web Design Ltd

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You could use a combination of the setup fee and a hook.


Using your example, the setup of fee would be £75 and then using a hook you would set the next due date for 4 months down the track. There are handful of readers in these forums that are great with hooks so hopefully one of them will spot this thread and help out.

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you might be able to do it without a hook... e.g follow Damo's suggestion and use a setup fee to get the initial amount (4 months), and use a 100% recurring promotion to discount the monthly amount to zero for the first four months (enable recur and set to 3) - then after the four months, the invoices will start generating for the full amount (£15).


i'm not sure when you say 3 months for others whether that's 3 months if they have Product 1, or just 3 months for products other than Product 1 - if it's the latter, then it's just another promotion using the same method.

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