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ID Protection handling after invoice has been paid


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I'm quite surprised that template for domain registrar does not have functions like disable/enable ID protection. From domain addons it has only EPP code getting. So my question is what is the best way to handle situation when customer is ordering ID Protection domain addon since there is no function for it in domain registrar files and I didn't saw any special action hook for that? I should use InvoicePaid action hook for that? Or maybe use AddonActivation (but there is information that it is for product and I'm not sure if domain is a product and tbladdons is empty)?



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Actually I want to sell it but I'm wondering how programmatically cover situation where user is ordering ID protection not with domain but when he has already registered domain. Registrar module for WHMCS... ahhh .. never mind. I was checking "Registrar Module Template" from here: http://docs.whmcs.com/Registrar_Module_Developer_Docs but It didn't contained proper ID protection functions but now when I've checked this documentation it provides information about "Supported Functions" and there is IDProtectToggle which I must add to my registrar module.

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when you've added the option of ID Protection to your TLDs, if a client has an applicable domain, they should be able to enable/disable/order ID Protection from their client area - I would imagine all/most default whmcs registrars would already handle this feature.


it can also be enabled/disabled from the admin area - but it might be useful to check with your registrar the pricing for this, as some will charge for enabling, and then if you or the client disables and then re-enables, you will be charged again.

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I'm using custom module and I've already handled it by adding new function "function ....._IDProtectToggle ($params)" which is using my registrar API for enabling or disabling ID Protection. Up until february ID Protection was free so it was being enabled for all domains by default and now when it is paid function I had to handle it programmaticaly so users can choose if they want to use it or not. WHMCS Docs contain everything and I was just misleaded by Domain registrar PHP template which does not contain all functions described in docs so I assumed this function does not exists.

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are you willing to share your code? We got a registrar that is not supporting the ID protect function. When a customer wants to have ID protect we change the domain holder info to an other company name and disable the function Edit Contact Information.


is this a way to go?





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