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  1. HA! I've found something. This issue is not occurring when user is logged in or impersonated. This MUST be WHMCS issue.
  2. I've moved a little further. Take a look what WHMCS is passing as param to registrar module function REGISTRARMODULENAME_CheckAvailability($params) { function. I've simply added print_r($params) to this function at the begging. function content was returned to JSON returned to browser POST request. Take a look below. There is something for sure wrong going on in WHMCS because data which is being passed to POST request contain proper domain name but WHMCS is striping it and only passing first part of domain to registrar module Array ( [whmcsVersion] => 8.0.4-release.1 [ErrorsLang] => PL [Password] => ..... [TestMode] => [Username] => .... [sld] => webio3 [tlds] => Array ( [0] => ) [searchTerm] => somedomain [tldsToInclude] => Array ( [0] => ) [isIdnDomain] => [punyCodeSearchTerm] => [premiumEnabled] => [original] => Array ( [ErrorsLang] => PL [Password] => ..... [TestMode] => [Username] => .... [sld] => somedomain [tlds] => Array ( [0] => ) [searchTerm] => somedomain [tldsToInclude] => Array ( [0] => ) [isIdnDomain] => [punyCodeSearchTerm] => [premiumEnabled] => ) )
  3. Spotlight prices are beign shown because I've hacked scripts.js file to check if pricing JS array is empty and skip the line which uses it when it is empty. For spotlight pricing prices are already there if you check website code: <span class="available price hidden">SOME PRICE HERE WITH CURRENCY/span> It looks like spotlight JS query is overwriting this span element after successful JS POST query. Feel free to check browser dev tools network traffic to see whats going on. Error "Domains must begin with a letter or a number and be between 0 and 0 characters in length" is being returned for first JS POST request and I have totally no idea why it is happening because IMHO request is being made correctly, with all fields, I've checked also this on default templates using WHMCSURL/?systpl=six and WHMCSURL/?carttpl=standard_cart, tested also on all hooks removed from /includes/hooks dir. I will try to disable rewrites today (I'm running WHMCS on Windows Server IIS but c'mon this can't be server related) and try again. EDIT: I've made test also with completely removed rewrite/redirect section from IIS and WHMCS set to Basic URLs, switched to six and standard_cart templates (all requests where using .php files in URL) and problem was the same. The same JSON result are being returned by WHMCS. EDIT2: Also for first request there is also error in system activity log: WHOIS Lookup Error for '': extension not listed in /resources/domains/dist.whois.json or /resources/domains/whois.json This is related to first request JSON returning: result [ {…} ] 0 Object { sld: "somedomain", idnSld: "somedomain", status: "unknown", … } domainName "" idnDomainName "" tld "" tldNoDots "" sld "somedomain" idnSld "somedomain" status "unknown" legacyStatus "error" score 1 isRegistered false isAvailable false isValidDomain false ... because as you can see even when request is using params: token "sometoken" a "checkDomain" domain "somedomain.tld" type "domain" we have proper domain in domain field WHMCS is returning JSON with: tld "" tldNoDots "" sld "somedomain" idnSld "somedomain" so TLD is being somehow dropped somewhere.
  4. cart is redirected yes BUT this is not a problem IMHO because how do you explain that one POST request is somehow returning some data: token "sometoken" a "checkDomain" domain "somedomain.tld" type "spotlight" but second one token "sometoken" a "checkDomain" domain "somedomain.tld" type "domain" is not. Also spotlight, suggestions and domain searching is not a new function in WHMCS 8. This was working just fine in WHMCS 7.x. I don't see any breaking changes in release notes for WHMCS 8 which is telling anything about some kind of request verification URL referrer especially that all request contain token generated by WHMCS. If a referer would be really a problem here then this could cause issues to users which are blocking tracking for their web browsers web browsing. Please take under consideration that POST requests are being made TO: index.php?rp=/domain/check which is not being rewritten in any way.
  5. Can someone from WHMCS can clarify why this has been removed? IMHO way better is to hide security answer than not allow to remove it from admin section when it comes to support tickets handling.
  6. Hello, since after upgrade admin section has been redesigned and clients moved to users how we can remove client/user security question using admin control panel? I can go to Users tab, click on dropdown icon and press Security question where I can see the question and the answer but where I can disable this setting for this particular user? Thanks
  7. Hello, I've upgraded yesterday from latest 7.x LTS version to 8.0.4 and I'm facing some issues with domain pricing checking where index.php?rp=/domain/check for token "sometoken" a "checkDomain" domain "somedomain.tld" type "domain" is returning: result [ {…} ] 0 Object { sld: "somedomain", idnSld: "somedomain", status: "unknown", … } domainName "" idnDomainName "" tld "" tldNoDots "" sld "webio3" idnSld "somedomain" status "unknown" legacyStatus "error" score 1 isRegistered false isAvailable false isValidDomain false ... but interesting that for second request: token "sometoken" a "checkDomain" domain "somedomain.tld" type "spotlight" (so we have only difference in type domain->spotlight) WHMCS is returning: result [ {…}, {…}, {…}, {…}, {…} ] 0 Object { domainName: "somedomain.tld", idnDomainName: "somedomain.tld", tld: "tld", … } domainName "somedomain.tld" idnDomainName "somedomain.tld" tld "tld" tldNoDots "tld" sld "somedomain" idnSld "somedomain" status "available for registration" legacyStatus "available" score 1 isRegistered false isAvailable true isValidDomain true domainErrorMessage "" pricing [] shortestPeriod [] group "" minLength 0 maxLength 0 isPremium false premiumCostPricing [] so as you can see it detects correctly domain TLD but for some unknown for me reason pricing JSON array is empty which obviously is causing JS error. I've also encountered few errors in viewing cart: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. Error: Invalid TLD/Registration Period Supplied for Domain Registration which after googling pointed me to some currency issues (I have only one currency and one not default language - non english - in WHMCS). Does someone experienced similar issues on your end? Thanks
  8. Hello, something to confirm on your end. Can someone perform product save as admin with checked "Auto Recalculate on Save" and see if price in "Recurring Amount" field will be saved with or without tax. Until now always this price has been saved without tax which is only added on invoices during invoice creation. This might be related to: CORE-13545 - Correct calculation for "Auto recalculate on save" option on service in system with inclusive tax for tax exempt client but account owners which I've checked has tax exempt set to "no". Thanks
  9. I'm just letting anyone know how things works on WHMCS side. I've asked about this in ticket because IMHO this is not an additional feature. This is a BUG which makes national characters beking skipped in URL generation. This is what WHMCS has responded: Unfortunately we are not able to implement every feature request that is submitted. Each feature or case resolution requires significant development time and we receive a large number of requests daily. For this reason, typically those features that are popular with the community are implemented while others are not. The feature request in question has been under investigation to see if implementing it is feasible, but it has existed in our system for 6 years and in that time only 13 people have voted for it. If this is something you would like to see implemented in WHMCS, we would recommend sharing the feature request on our community and any webhosting related groups/forums you may frequent. I have no words to say how I'm dissapointed here...
  10. Hello, have you maybe solved your problem?
  11. Hello, when client is writing new ticket he is also seeing old tickets in sidebar. Can someone point me a direction where I can change date format/language for this section? General setting localisation change does nothing here and always client can see xx months ago. Thanks
  12. Quick question to people who had this problem. Do you have maybe modified names of TLD categories in tbltld_categories table (using direct DB edit since AFAIK there is no way to localize them)?
  13. I've sent support ticket but for a quick hack I've removed not null from category_id column in tbltld_category_pivot table, refreshed WHMCS so it started working correctly after adding problematic row to MySQL DB, I've updated category_id manually changing it from null to some TLD category ID and reverted nullable to not null category_id column in tbltld_category_pivot table.
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