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Help with {$invoice_html_contents}


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On the Invoice email for a customer I need to customize the Tax Field.

The customer receive something like this:


Sub Total: $90.00 USD

8.20% Tax: $7.38 USD >> I Need to modify that line

Credit: $0.00 USD

Total: $97.38 USD


I know , the invoice email template call {$invoice_html_contents} , but I don't know where to find that in order to customize that particular line.


I will need your help

Thanks in advance

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Kian, thanks for your reply, but that does not work for me, I just want to rename this words on the Email is sent to the customer


Rename "8.20% Tax" for "Service fee"

Thant's it

If you can tell me where on what file I can locate that value , I will really appreciate .


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Something like this:


function InvoiceHTMLContentsFix($vars)
if($vars["messagename"]=="Order Confirmation") # Change this with your Email Template
	$output = array();
	$output['invoice_html_contents'] = "I'm so damned beautiful!";
	$output['a_new_variable'] = "This email will self destruct in 5 seconds";
	return $output;



Now {$invoice_html_contents} contains "I'm so damned beautiful!" and there's also a new variable available in the defined email template {$a_new_variable}. Just play with it to match your specific needs :)

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hmm, I would imagine that "Sub Total", "Credit" etc are being pulled from the language files... but i'm unsure about "Tax" - perhaps it's being pulled from the tax db table - tweaking the db entry would probably show you one way or the other. :?:


anyway, a standard replace should change "Tax" - with perhaps an additional regex replace if he needs to replace the taxrate as well.

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in the email template you need to apply the changes to, replace {$invoice_html_contents} with the following

{$invoice_html_contents|replace:'Tax:':'Service Fee:'}


Thank you all for your help emails, You guys rocks ! but I found sentq method much easier ! I finally accomplish what I need.

Once again, thanks for your help!

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