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question about whmcs setup


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I just got a question about whmcs setup... I am not a techie, I am an entrepreneur..


1. Is there a way for me to offer free web hosting for 1 year and client only pays for a setup fee? then on the succeeding year, client will pay the regular annual subscription?


2. Is the WHMCS capable of multiple servers? I mean, lets say I have a 300GB reseller account, and I sold all 300GB space, how do I setup the WHMCS so that it will still offer my services but register and setup accounts in another server that is not yet full?


sorry for the dumb questions, but i really want to get an idea so that i can help me market my products and services better.



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1. Sure. It's a standar feature of WHMCS


2. Not with vanilla WHMCS. Probably it the easiest approach is to use a software on server like Plesk, cPanel (...) since they're made to manage these things. Anyway if you really want to "move" all this stuff on WHMCS, it's possible for sure but you need to develop a custom script with automatic checks, API requests to Plesk, cPanel (...) and perform the appropriate module action when necessary

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


Regarding point #2. With the Server Groups feature WHMCS can provision accounts across your servers/reseller accounts based upon the number of accounts on a given server, but not available disk space.


It sounds like you'd want to select the " Fill active server until full then switch to next least used" fill type.


Relevant documentation: http://docs.whmcs.com/Servers#Server_Groups

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