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subdomain vs subfolder for seo on whmcs


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There are no differences. Using cool.example.com or example.com/cool is the same thing for SEO.


If you really want to know what's bad on WHMCS for SEO just look at language switcher. It's the most anti-SEO thing on this system. Let's say that you are on example.com/cart.php with English language set. When you set Italian and the URL is always the same. The result of this is that the same URL provides textual contents in more than 15 different languages and this is bad. Language shouldn't be based on sessions and cookies because spiders don't know what language they have to index and since they also don't support sessions and cookies, the will index only the default language of WHMCS.


Every language should have its own unique URL like en.example.com/cart.php, example.com/en/cart.php, example.com/it/cart.php, example.com/italian/cart.php etc.


Anyway with some customization you can manage to create unique URLs for each language.

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Is it beneficial for SEO?

Yes, No and Maybe but not in that order ;)


The SE's algorithms are really good at treating them the same - in my testing 4 years ago subdomain was marginally better, about 18 months ago it made no difference - YMMV


The most frequently reason for a split from www. to client. or something is to keep them on separate systems for admin rather than SEO reasons

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Agree and anyway using subdomains could indirectly give you a little boost on your SEO. For example if you put all images of your website on a dedicated subdomain like images.example.com, you have better performances even if it's all on the same server.


Faster = improve your position on SE.

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