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  1. We obviously want affiliate signups and the only way is to allow the options that allows registration with no products option to be ticked. However this also allows fake signups aswell that are empty with no accounts Isnt there a direct link to the registration page even if the option under general settings is ticked where signups with no products is allowed?
  2. Did you possibly figure out a sql query or a way to get a list of those customers that have their status as opt-out in whmcs?
  3. Hi I understand EU has the GDPR law. In South Africa we have a POPI Act which is very similar. Now my understanding is whmcs has a feature to clear old "inactive" users from a whmcs system. If we use mailchimp which syncs contacts with whmcs. Does it now make those contacts in the mailchimp list "unsubscribed". Reason I ask this is if they are still "subscribed" even though their account details have been deleted. How do we as a company prove if we still marketing to those email addresses that were synced that they "opted in" in the first place as the profile will not be available anymore to see the consent history tab? They could obviously then get us fined as we have nothing to back up that they were our customer for a certain period of time. Note we plan on deleting customer accounts that are inactive for older than 1 year. Thanks
  4. Anyone find a hook that can block domain orders with a particular search term. For example we have a spammer setting up new random accounts with the term "puppies" Would be cool if we could block it during ordering process. Thanks
  5. This is hilarious. But seriously customers domains are in their own names and hence they can transfer it anywhere to any planet they choose to.
  6. We wanted to enable "inactive clients" deleting older than 12 months but noticed that some of our inactive clients are "Affiliates" with no active services or domains on their profiles. Will the feature under automation settings delete those "affiliates" profiles? Kinda crappy if it does.
  7. I have same issue. Old one works new one doesnt. I got it right once then it just stopped and blank button on invoices again. really dont know what the issue is. whmcs support also checked but they were clueless they just recopied the paypal files over again onto our install. but that did nothing. they disnt even check to ensure it was fixed. customers dont like thhe old paypal but guess i got to stick with it for now or use 2checkout rather
  8. Interesting. Looks quite good. May have to test this soon after get approval from management :)
  9. tried that already. Have two sets gives me the same issue
  10. Hi guys Trying to use invisible recaptcha with domainchecker but seems to return this error: {result:{error:Please complete the captcha and try again.}} When I changed it to normal tick captcha option it works fine it seems. We are using the integration code on our main website which is in html which forwards the post to whmcs and this is where it returns the error. Any workaround anyone knows of so invisible recaptcha can still work?
  11. You sure you dont have any extensions in chrome enabled that could be causing it? Also note it may work in firefox too.
  12. Very strange as what WHMCS Dan recommended, worked fine for me and my colleagues. I do however see we have X-Frame off
  13. Do any of you have issues with WHMCS connect working with the new google chrome version. Cant seem to load it just fails but if I run it via Edge it works.
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