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Change Income Year dates to Fiscal/Financial?


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Hello all,


Just wondered if there's a way of changing the Income Year to Fiscal? It assumes the income for the business is from Jan 1st to Dec 31st, however our business financial year is different. Is there any way of changing this within WHMCS?


It's annoying that it is showing Income 'This Year' but that's a calendar year which is no use in a 'real' business...a fiscal (financial) year is more appropriate therefore I would have hoped we could change this somewhere.


Any ideas?



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I doubt you could change this in whmcs as it's probably programmed to calculate jan-dec in the same year as it's easier!


you could look at modifying the annual income report or writing a widget that will display your fiscal info on the homepage - if your fiscal start date is the beginning of a month, then it shouldn't be too difficult... if it's not, then that might get a little more involved!

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I must have been thinking of income forecast when I said it would be complicated if the year started mid-month - for actual income, it makes no difference when the period starts and end, the SQL query is the same... you just add a date range to it.


i've added the code for a simple widget that will display actual income between two dates that you can specify in the widget code.



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1 minute ago, VirtualWorldGlobal said:

Is this still available...

the widgets from that page would still work in the latest version - they need updating for the new widget styling (and i'm in the process of doing that), but i've just copied the original widgets from v5.3 to v7.10 and they work fine.

the only thing that you will have to do is go to administrator roles, choose your role and tick the checkboxes for them on the widgets section of the page... once enabled there, they will be shown on the admin area homepage... you'll still be able to drag them anywhere you want.

8 minutes ago, VirtualWorldGlobal said:

can we use it ours is - April - March

so's mine. 🙂

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