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  1. Yes that's the best advice. Best is to create or migrate to a new platform and that is the best answer to this UNFAIR Treatment, They don't deserve us !!
  2. If many WHMCS clients would like to join them (WiseCP) together I think they might start working on it already... Lets wait and watch, I am also looking for a solution which have the following - 1. Shopping cart Support 2. Quote 3. Recurring Billing 4. Basic CRM & Marketing (We Use Freedcamp Currently) 5. Project & Task Management (We Use Freedcamp Currently) 6. ToDo's & Notes Management 7. Inventory 8. PO & Purchase Management 9. HRM 10. Support Tickets (Basic) - (We Use Vision Helpdesk (Multi Domain / Brand Support Available) 11. SMS Service 12. Payment Gateways 13. Calendar 14. Basic Accounting (Sales / Purchase / Expenses / P/L Account / Balance Sheet / GST / Reports in pdf and excel) Other features as POS and advanced reporting included All is available in - Rose Business Suite except Shopping cart Support - I don't know if it's well supported or not as we lack coding knowledge - URL: https://codecanyon.net/item/rose-business-suite-accounting-crm-and-pos-software/26570536?gclid=Cj0KCQjw38-DBhDpARIsADJ3kjlvSTWNjq3YGvtHhC52VMGv08WnFuurKSLe1ePIam7M7UrFOGA9at4aAkSDEALw_wcB URL: https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/rose-business-suite-accounting-crm-and-pos-software/full_screen_preview/26570536?_ga=2.244083660.830714550.1618284839-104177820.1616085244&_gac=1.58642776.1618284839.Cj0KCQjw38-DBhDpARIsADJ3kjlvSTWNjq3YGvtHhC52VMGv08WnFuurKSLe1ePIam7M7UrFOGA9at4aAkSDEALw_wcB Demo URL: https://suite.ultimatekode.com/ Hope to find a solution soon
  3. This is what I was talking about previously. For this the best developers need to come forward and guide us...
  4. https://www.reuters.com/companies/OCIO.L If this is the same Oakley then we need to understand they simply don't understand the concept of hosting and how much effort we put into to run our services 24x7 even if it's a small but genuine Hosting organization, they don't understand why we keep running 24x7, work in midnights, take ER calls 24x7, Our families loose spending quality time with us. When you grow Big you end up like Endurance right, they damaged and tampered the Hosting industry to an extent by buying many good companies only because they had money and then they were themselves SOLD OUT. I will never want to grow bigger than what I can support and my clients love me for this since 2003...
  5. I tried google - https://www.whmcsservices.com/multibrand.php It doesn't seem to be ready also I have not used any of such services I have used only Hooks so you have to check with the developer...
  6. That's a SHAME for WHMCS Team...Few of them (There are exceptions) are Arrogant. Being a No Nonsense man I learnt this with my past experiences. Didn't knew that... We all know that @brian! it's about the WHMCS users who will be at loss including me as your opinions and comments are worth reading and are full of knowledge. I plan to STOP using WHMCS pretty soon. Hope I get a good alternative for 3 companies, one would be Invoice Ninja as there are only manual and custom invoices... WHT is my favorite place...so many things to learn from knowledgeable people and receive guidance when required. Still I really feel bad and Sad for this place because of the active community members many posted questions and few answered them voluntarily to resolve their issues...that's something nice to see in today's world that such people exists who can offer help when someone needed them. WHMCS not only increased their pricing but also impacted the bonding we all shared here to their benefit under COVID-19 CIRCUMSTANCES, this wasn't fair by any means.
  7. WHMCS is just not going to do anything for anyone and it must have been a plan to create a community and addons/modules now when they have grown big they have new plans to grow even bigger and STOP Supporting the developers / small and medium hosts so that they look else where and WHMCS can milk the bigger clients while their absolutely unprofessional support team makes more money by requesting clients to flag their tickets for priority and keeps on charging clients exorbitantly. https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/neo-billing-accounting-invoicing-and-crm-software/full_screen_preview/20896547?_ga=2.207849618.108136416.1618125673-104177820.1616085244&_gac=1.20652746.1618125673.CjwKCAjwvMqDBhB8EiwA2iSmPKZ9AeePfy0d8wiijxdifhoSGPvqxNIiPOn-uwLTEsPdzObnTXLj3RoC-WcQAvD_BwE Check the below demo and the price it comes for - though it does not comes with a Shopping cart we plan to use WooCommerce (Guest Checkout), This package also includes basic accounting included for free, Getting rid of WHMCS for GOOD is now a primary concern. Also why the very talented developers are not working together to build something like this and the whole community can buy the same. You already have a ready market What's holding you guys back ? Please think about this one at least... When you contact @brian! for a problem you are facing he thinks about it 360 degree and offers multiple ways to solve the issue, that means he thinks about the cause more than we understand and face by ourselves using his expertise. His brilliant approach to resolve issues have helped everyone including me many times and I will always be thankful to him. Anyone who does work whole heartedly would feel let down by such a CHEAP stunt and to me that's unacceptable and I had been trying out WordPress last 6 months for achieving the same what WHMCS Billing does apart from the Server Management Part. If people remember there was a cPanel / WHM ,management software that came up and suddenly it was sold - https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1395396 , I had tested the demo and it had many features and management was easy with multiple roles just worked fine but was sold out I don't know why. I am looking for such a software again which can be used only for server management.
  8. Everyone have benefited using this community but WHMCS has demeaned everyone here and that's unacceptable...It's similar we now have few cPanel clients and most of our clients have now migrated to DirectAdmin. We have installed it and testing it but it lacks features, We are also testing NEO BILLING a basic Billing and CRM though we use the CRM (FreedCamp). NEO BILLINGis developed using Laravel. As I don't have coding knowledge we have to depend on support though. https://codecanyon.net/item/neo-billing-accounting-invoicing-and-crm-software/20896547?s_rank=4 I will also be happy to keep in touch...you have helped everyone proactively and the best possible ways. Thanks again @brian!
  9. Hi @brian! I can understand that everyone is looking for different options or developers leaving or choosing other solutions or markets, but this community developed not because WHCS created it for all to be a part of it BUT due to the members who actively participated to help each other. Can we create a new community so that people who want to keep in touch can connect and share ideas, thoughts and new solutions that they develop etc. Once I integrated BOXBILLING for a reseller long back for their billing needs and it looked good for only $5 a month, I heard that now it's opensource, can't everyone join hands to get this going . URL - https://github.com/boxbilling/boxbilling This may help so many small and medium hosts / resellers run their hosting business successfully during COVID-19 circumstances and support themselves and their family, why not do something which WHMCS people have not thought about exactly similar to the case where they just dropped a price BOMB. #DOGOOD #WHMCSCOMMUNITYMEMBERS-ROCK
  10. Best is to look for other options at the earliest most of the developers here are Very good and there are few who are Excellent. Why they don't plan a software together ? It would be great to see them come up with some new options for small and Mid hosting companies... @brian! what you say...
  11. Someone recommended us for billing management (they are adding more gateways) - https://codecanyon.net/item/neo-billing-accounting-invoicing-and-crm-software/20896547?gclid=CjwKCAjw9r-DBhBxEiwA9qYUpY7usWg4TBfdekIiQf2g5JaR2Y1qNxoPhPqCkzrHSK_9WGx6WGxhvxoCdt8QAvD_BwE This also seems promising, WiseCP - http://demo.wisecp.com/myaccount Blesta never used it, Feedbacks requested... Thanks
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