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  1. @websavers Staff members doing such things what you say is rare and @Kian is absolutely correct...staff members have access to the above things so I don't understand your privacy concerns ? Also as @evolve hosting mentioned WHMCS needs to fix many other concerns where we are bound to use plain text...what about that ? Am I correct @evolve hosting ?
  2. Hi, Since our VPS is updated with webuzo control panel WHMCS CRON has stopped working, showing Cron Invocation Frequency --------------------------- The last cron invocation time is 2023-01-02 07:59:01 (6 hours ago). The WHMCS cron task file should be setup to run at least once per hour. We recommend configuring it to run every 5 minutes wherever possible. --------------------------- Please help...
  3. Received an email from - Shopping Cart - License Man they are offering very cheap license ? Any suggestions ? Thanks... Shopping Cart - License Man
  4. @DennisHermannsen I really don't have an idea on what to change or the ones that are required...can you help, Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone.I have a question from a user I know for long, they used to backup their cPanel using the below pasted script but it has stopped working for them. They have switched to the new theme now and the remote backups have stopped using this script. How to fix this for them, kindly help...Thank you.Script pasted here...Scripy Link: https://privatebin.prystine.co.uk/?8...8iVXSkFZWWDVKu
  6. @Kian Hi, Thanks for you detailed explanations on this topic... Yes you are right one decision and life changes course... Knowing and using codes / scripts / software from trusted developers who value security is actually the best thing to do.
  7. Hi @Kian you are absolutely correct...it's best option to go for MG However saying that we all should note that there are too many small companies and providers using WHMCS who might not be able to afford MG. In that case what security measures they can take and valid ones... security is important for everyone smaller or bigger they are right... @WHMCS John please advise what WHMCS techs recommend in such cases where security should be tight and strict...Thanks
  8. Hi How to create automated invoices in two dates - Before 15 and 30 days of renewal for clients service / products. Few clients want to receive invoices as before 30 days while usually other clients are okay with 15 days invoice creation policy. Thanks.
  9. Yes that's true, it has very basic features and we need coding knowledge to make even basic changes. True, again billing and reporting section is very basic.
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