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well if you want to try to stay away from API stuff, the easiest and fastest ways are use an iframe or why not just do a screen shot of that page and display the image, youll have to crop it but it will be ok. If you dont need the buttons thats even better. If you do need the buttons you can either use PS to make you some buttons or just display that whole section and map the button locations for the click.


does this work



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no not yust the image i need to post whole products with butons that work so that the users can from index page select product and not to search through site, the now products with images on index i need to delete because when user is loged in the index page disapears and than is only shown client area

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i have already images on home page and in bottom of them clickable butons that are connected to product but i need the product list with details and products and buttons that are on this link https://viahost.ch/cart.php?sld=eg&tld=.ch is there any way to yust put some code into homepage.tpl to show curent list of products like when you go to that link

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i was working on a quick iframe for you cause i thought you wanted to put it on your own site page index. But since you are talking about the homepage. I think there is, one sec....


- - - Updated - - -


take a look at /templates/orderforms/comparison/products.tpl that is where the code it that displays that. You may be able to just capture that and have it display on the homepage as well. You do realize that all they have to do is click order and wham they are there, its not rocket science lol... :)

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which is why i suggested using an iframe, its the easiest way unless you really know how to build a special page. Do an iframe and wrap it in a div.


The iframe css needs to capture the page content, just the content of what you want to capture on the page, nothing more (just like the image i sent you) thats all, so when you open your iframe that is all you see is a small box with just that content.


The div will allow you to scroll up and down in the event the content changes and gets longer.


Something like this (these are not the numbers i got this from one i did myself on my other site)

notice the negative numbers, that means that it will come down from the top and over from the left before it captures the content. You need to align that up with your page content and measure it yourself.


This is very simply coded so that i dont confuse you with a bunch of other stuff. Once you get it set up then people will be able to click the buttons because it is an actual capture of that page you wanted.


<div style="height:1230px;width:740px;overflow:hidden;position:relative;">
<iframe src="http://yoursite.com/pagetitle/" style="position:absolute;top:-368px;left:-20px;height:1230px;width:740px;"></iframe>


hope that helps.

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that is nice thanks for helping , but problem by iframe is that when you klik on something that is in iframe i continuest to open that site "in iframe" and that is why i need the actual code of product list to shown with whmcs code in .tpl file so when client kliks on button it brings him there like he was on the original site of products if you understand what im meaning . im trying to show only products from froducts site generated trough whmcs on homepage so that client has it on home page and dont mus to search and when i change something on product in whmcs admin backend it autmaticali changes in home page beacuse it is generated trough whmcs but with no success i cant find working piece od whmcs code to work on home page ....

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i did try to piece something together for you, i was able to get the cats and the currency on the page but not the products. Looking deeper it does not appear that products array is available on the portal level without some kind of hook or some customer php code. This is why it does not show up on your page. I have a feeling if you used the product code in that file on any other template file inside of comparison it would show just fine. However you are wanting to load it outside of the comparison cart templats so it will take some special coding.


So now you have to decide how important this is to you. Do you feel it is really needed in the sense that it will convert sales.

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if you can recreate the code for the five column table in your homepage template (not the content, just the table structure, css etc)... then you might be able to fill it using data feeds - they will be able to grab product names, descriptions and prices and display them wherever you want...




then you'll have to add the "Order Now" buttons, which you could make as an image, and then link them all to the appropriate products.



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if it were me, I would have done one of two things if i'd wanted to do this quickly...


I would either have edited your existing product table - the one at the bottom of the page that uses server images - and replaced the existing content with content pulled from the feeds... or I would have gone old-school and just put it in a table with five cells, with each cell containing the details for each product... once working, I could have played with the divs at a later point.


long-term, it would be an option to turn this code into its own data feed - that way, it would only be called once on the homepage rather than 15+ times... but that's for another day!

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