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I am trying to help one of my WHMSONIC resellers with his new WHMCS billing system however I have found an issue that I believe is related to the WHMSONIC module.


When I goto servers and I put in his WHMSONIC reseller username and pasword and then I goto a customer products and services page and click on the create button we get this error:


Module Create Failed - Service ID: 4 - Error: Login Failed. Please check root password configured for WHMSonic server.


It appears to me that they way the module is written ONLY the root account owner can create servers. Is there a different version of the WHMSONIC.php file that will work for resellers?

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Just received form whmcs support:



I'm afraid there is no alternative WHMSonic module for WHMCS. If WHMSonic support advise it is not possible for radio accounts to be created via their API from a reseller-level account, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about that from a software perspective.

API access for reseller accounts is something WHMSonic would need to add support for in their API.


So if your a reseller and want use whmcs billing its not gonna work according to them! Looks like its time for there developers to get to work cause there gonna loose money over this!

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Thanks John, I have also put in a ticket with them but in the last few years WHMSONIC's support has been very poor I still have open tickets from over a year ago so they have not been real good when it comes to customer service.


Many many years ago I had a reseller package and I was able to use my reseller login info and have whmcs create servers and all for me but that was before whmsonic 2.0 came out and before whmcs 5. It seems like maybe they forgot to include a feild in the api to telling whmsonic to what reseller account to link the new server to maybe .


I tried the code at http://help.sonicpanel.com/article.php?id=21 but it didnt work either for my customer if I put my root login in then either module works however his radios get created under the root account and not his plus I don't thing for security reasons it would be a good idea for my root info to be on someone else's billing system. I have my customer in limbo at the moment because yea he can use WHMCS to bill his customers but thats all he can do its not gonna create suspend, or terminate for him which is one of the reasons I suggested WHMCS to him was for those features. should I have him contact WHMCS and see what they can do on his pricing since he's not gonna be able to use WHMCS in 100% mode? After all he paying a monthly license and only getting half the functionality of the software because of this?

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Hello DJLove,


As noted by WHMCS John, we have opened an internal case to include the new module in WHMCS. This is the fastest way to add new features to WHMCS and if you follow the change logs, http://docs.whmcs.com/Changelogs, it will list that case number when the new module has been added. You are more than welcome to contact the sales staff if you have any questions about fees and licensing.



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