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Increasing number of e-mails, disk space, bandwidth. Push to plesk 11?


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I've searched the forums and cannot seem to find my answer.


We are migrating to WHMCS and have Windows Plesk (11.5) host servers. I placed a test order, selected to increase the e-mail, disk and bandwidth as configurable options and completed the order. It setup the main hosting plan correctly in plesk, but did not increase the parameters that were chosen as extras at sign-up (did not increase email accounts, disk or bandwidth.


ModuleGarden doesn't seem to be the ticket (unless I am misreading something there).


I'm wondering how other Plesk users are handling these increases....or downgrades for that matter.

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We do all that with a variety of differently resourced service plans at sign up, which you can upgrade/downgrade between later using the new "change package" button in the module. Minor upgrades/downgrades that do not involve service plan changes are done manually. We have come to expect only the very basics from the Plesk module; create/suspend/terminate/password change/customer login and nt much more. You're lucky if it works at all.

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I believe that module is for PPA, the OP was was asking about Plesk which is not the same thing. At all.
You're absolutely right. My apologies. I looked into this further and confirmed that WHMCS does not support usage updates in Plesk 11. However, there is a feature request for full Plesk support here - https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/full-plesk-11-support that you can vote for and follow for updates.



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It is painfully obvious that the instruction to post a feature request is just a WHMCS support euphemism for "why don't you go and pound sand".


Let's have a performance review of the feature request system:


March 2014

1521 pending requests 20 implemented


June 2014

1713 pending requests 21 implemented


Maybe somebody with more time on their hands than me would care to work out the probability of a given request being completed, given that it will clearly take an infinite amount of time to clear the list :facepalm:

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


I'm pleased to be able to advise that the "Plesk" module included in the v5.3 series does support Usage Updates. It works with all versions of Plesk.


We're still working with Plesk to iron out a few niggles that can occur in some outlier cases, but in due course it will replace the individual modules for Plesk 8, Plesk 9 and Plesk 10.

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Item #3 is not completed or working. I found this out today and it was confirmed by support.


Regarding my original post (which is not about usage updates), the Plesk Module is NOT pushing additional email accounts, Disk space or bandwidth to the Plesk Subscription after they purchase through WHMCS.


I hope this helps more clearly identify my question, the problem and also points out that.....while a feature request may show as "completed", it may not work (at least in the case noted above).

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There is an somewhat updated Plesk module floating around at WHMCS at present, written by Parallels as it seems to be beyond WHMCS to write intelligent solutions for the well documented Plesk API themselves, which may address some of the problems in issues 3, 4 and 5. Or it may not, until they get around to releasing it we don't know as it's still being "vetted". Don't think it will include what you're needing here though. I've had tickets open on this for YEARS in some cases, not sure why it's so difficult...

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