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Hello, i would like to show you today how to tweak around the admin login page to make it a bit more unique


Based on the main template, the admin login page cannot be fully customized but you can mess with the css to change it a little bit. :)


Starting off, there is one CSS file within the login page of the admin area call UI.all.css, this file is the only one available as a css attribute, what we can do is modify this file to suit our needs within the login page.


For example, if you wish to change the background you can add this at the end of the CSS file, the file is located




You can add at the bottom this css and customize it to your liking

body {
background-color:#000 !important;
background-image:url([b][color=red]BACKGROUND URL HERE[/color][/b]) !important;
background-repeat:repeat !important;
body #login_container {
background-image:url(url([b][color=red]BACKGROUND URL HERE[/color][/b]));

You can also just put a background as well, just go onto google and type in texture and just replace BACKGROUND URL HERE, and your all set, just make sure it points to the right directory.


Screenshot example:



Other thoughts:

Only thing is the rest of the whmcs will also have that background, thats the only bug that i havnt gotten around, although though i could make a script that would hide the image and show the one thats default on the main page.

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Can you teach me how to make or custom clients login into a dropdown like in this website?


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