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  1. Thanks for the tip. Each time I tried it with the auto-updater, it reported it was successful but that it could not remove the installation directory... This has happened with every version for over a year now, but normally manually deleting the installation folder sort the problem out - but not with this version. I think I will stick with version 7.10.2 until a version is released that installs correctly. Thanks again.
  2. Did anyone reply to this? I had the Oops white page error after upgrading to v8 via the updater - I rolled back using backups and tried again 4 times in a row - always the same error - in the end I gave up.
  3. I just had to switch back to PayPal Basic after complaints from clients being unable to pay without being forced to create a PayPal account using the latest WHMCS PayPal module - it is completely broken and not fit for purpose.
  4. All products allow you to set monthly AND annual pricing - for each the product on the "Pricing" tab... Screnshot: https://harry-wales.tinytake.com/sf/MjQwNzQ2N183MzAxMjYy This then allows the customer to choose monthly or annual in the cart... Screenshot: https://harry-wales.tinytake.com/sf/MjQwNzQ3OF83MzAxMjcz So there is no need to create separate products for monthly or annual - just set up the one product, set up both monthly and annual pricing on the product - then the customer decides for themselves which they prefer.
  5. This is so annoying s I am the only person with login rights so why is this password forced on me every time I move around the admin?
  6. It really helps the rest of us if you then say HOW you solved this?
  7. Hi SSHosting, Can you say which addon caused the issue? Thanks Harry
  8. I'm interested - because WHMCS is "not fit for purpose" in the UK and EU due to this issue with invoice numbering. What sort of money would we be looking at?
  9. Perhaps they disabled it on their own site because they DID run into this problem and simply decided to ignore it...
  10. WHMCS's approach to accounting is rather unusual... For example: Let's say the last invoice issued and paid was invoice #1000 and everything is going fine so far, all invoices are sequentially numbered as they should be (now a legal requirement in MANY countries) Next day a client adds £100 in funds. Client now gets Add Funds invoice #1001 and pays it and gets a receipt, the client now has £100 in credit. If I then do £100 worth of work for him/her a couple of days later - invoice #1002 is issued at £100, which is paid from credit automatically and receipt is issued. (client now has 2 receipts for £100 each - so this messes up the client's account too). To an accountant - and to the UK/EU tax authorities - this now looks like I have earned £200 from this client in a couple of days - when I only actually earned £100 - this is absolutely disgraceful - because this makes my earnings look MUCH bigger than they really are - and means I have some serious explaining to do to both the accountant and to the tax man... (they see 2 the paid invoices for £100 each and so they assume I earned £200 not £100) Basically - under UK and EU law, WHMCS is "not fit for purpose" so I am unable to submit any information from WHMCS to my accountant or the tax man while WHMCS insists on "odd" accounting practices. Instead I have to use SAGE to produce my accounts so I can ensure all invoices are sequentially numbered and all Add Funds credits are shown in SAGE as "deposit on account" - so they are NOT part of my income until I issue an invoice that uses that credit. This needs fixing properly ASAP - while WHMCS is reasonably effective at invoicing - it is NOT effective for accounting purposes. If WHMCS do not see this as a problem I have to wonder how they get round these issues with their own accountants and tax authorities...
  11. I agree that the current Add Funds system is not professional... When it comes to the UK/EU tax man you have to explain any oddities in invoice numbering... For Add Funds there should be NO standard invoice generated - but rather a separate "Add Funds" notification with separate numbering to the standard invoices (so the standard invoice numbering stays unaltered). Then when the client adds the funds according to the "add funds notification" they then get issued a "receipt". If you look at any professional accounting package (I Use SAGE) - adding funds and issuing credit notes is very separate from general invoicing, and any online billing system should have similar features if it is to comply with accounting regulations in the EU.
  12. Updating product prices does NOT increase prices for existing customers. So if you had a hosting plan called "Linux Hosting Business" that currently costs £10 a month - and you have 20 clients already on that product, when you increase the product price to £11, all your existing clients on that product will continue to be invoiced for £10 - and only NEW clients will be invoiced £11.
  13. I too have a similar intermittent issue with 7.2.2 If I use Chrome it often fails to login to admin - Firefox never fails. And why do I have to keep inputting the password every time I change page?
  14. Same here - 7.2.1 in uninstallable, either manually or automatically, both methods fail with: "Unable to complete incremental updates: Unable to import the 7.2.0 Alpha1 database file." Managed to get running again from a full backup of 7.1.2 Harry
  15. I just tried updating from 7.1.2 to 7.2.1 and get the same message. I tried auto-update 3 times, manual update 3 times, all failed with the message "Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table 'tblmarketconnect_services' already exists" I think I'll have to wait till 7.3 comes out because this version in unusable.
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