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Skipping / remove 'Product Configuration' step for products ONLY


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I want to cut order process significantly by. I know that I can add




to the order link. The problem is that I do not want to skip domain configuration. I do ONLY want to skip the product (hosting plan) config page.


I'm using pre-configured order link with billing cycle for products as




so I do not need config step during order process for products.


But I want to keep config step for domains during order process.


Any idea?


Thanks in advance!

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what happens when you combine your two quoted codes ?



if I try that locally, it still asks me to register/transfer/use a domain, but once that choice is made, it then skips product config (billing cycle) and goes straight to Order Summary...


in your hosting product setup, have you ticked the "Require Domain" checkbox ? if so, then it should ask for any config data you haven't passed in the URL... if it's unticked, using the above link will send the customer straight to Order Summary.

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what happens when you combine your two quoted codes ?


Order process is skipping config page BOTH for product and domains.


My problem is that I want to keep config step ONLY for domain (domain addons) bot NOT for product (web hosting).


That is the problem I need to solve somehow...

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aaahh, you didn't originally mention domain addons... :roll:


as addons are optional, skipconfig would bypass them...


this may be possible by modifying the form URLs with {if} statements, but there's no guarantee it would work... and somewhere in the back of my mind, is a post from a WHMCS guy that says that it isn't...

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I got answer from WHMCS support telling me that "...this is not currently a feature of our software".




- - - Updated - - -


OK then, how about to use



and some tweak that will automatically add specific addon to all domains during order process?


Any idea?

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perhaps using ajaxcart would be easier to use for this as its all on one page ?


That was my intention from the beginning. The 'problem' with ajax cart is the following:


- When you are ordering domain registrations, the cart doesn't behave like a real ajax cart. There is no 'Add' button to freely add domains to cart. Instead, you need to 'tick' domains in the list of available domains. But that will not add them to cart, not even update 'Order Summary'. Only when you click on 'Click to Continue' they will be added to cart.


The funny thing is that really 'Add' ajax function is already available in the cart but ONLY when ordering renewals of domains.


But anyway, I will try to use


$('input[name="domainfield[0][domainaddonX]"]').prop("checked", true);


somewhere in the WHMCS template. But not sure if it will work when using with






Because skipconfig will make WHMCS to 'jump' over that step.


Maybe you have better solution?



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