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the credit card number is invalid


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Can anyone help me as I have an issue i cant resolve and the WHMCS support tickets dont get replied anymore it seems so after 24hours of going mad trying to solve by myself can any one sugest anything


I have a client who is trying to pay a bill


they go to their membesr area and click on invoic eto pay But every time they put correct card numbers in they get an error message on screen saying "the credit card number is invalid"


However i have tried to do for them and they are entering everything correctly . Moreover the details are not even getting passed to the gateway log in my admin panel so its simply not working. Obviously as its not even showing error message in the whmcs admin area gateway log its never going as far as shwoing any error logs in whmcs or sagepay


Im sooo frustrated as ive spent ten hours trying again and again and again to get a sim,ple invoice paid and Support ticket is not answered properly and Im ready to give up on WHMCS if i cnat solve !


Can anyone sugest anything to try. Ive checked the number is right number of digits, all adreess is filled in , i simply cnat see any reason it wont even allow to cliemt to submit with out thsi dreaded "the credit card number is invalid"


Any clues or ideas much appreciated ??

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The invalid card number error is most likely a result of one number being wrong. So, first do a manual check of the card number by doing some math as described in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luhn_algorithm . If it validates, then its a WHMCS issue or perhaps a wrong card type selected? I've had this come up a couple times where I had to do the manual check to show it wasn't the correct number.

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i realize that this post is years old, but i was running into the same error.  i haven't totally tracked it down, but on my end at least, it seems to present itself when changing CC processors and the old gateway auth is still associated with the old processor.

i changed processors and had to call up a handful of clients to have them update their card info.  that's when i started running into it.  i haven't found a quick solution yet, but i'll try and report back if i do.

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I understand that I am probably really late in on this but I have multiple clients who have had their credit cards either stolen or replaced for whatever reason and they can't update their details...thus I am without means because they simply can not pay. This is horrendously frustrating as my emails to WHMCS support have all gone unanswered! The help documents are totally useless. Does anyone have a solution that I could try? I am about ready to tell my clients that I will have to delete their accounts and have them sign back in again.

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Have you tried:

- changing their payment method from whatever it's currently set at, to something else

- then, deleting their card info from whmcs

- then removing their profile from your cc processor (the association might have disconnected)

- then reassigning then back to old CC payment method 


Not sure if that'll work, but it worked for me once. Hopefully that'll help. Also, look in the log to see what error code that the processing attempt is giving you. Hopefully that'll help shed some light. 


- shannon

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