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"Awesome support" from WHMCS! (Ironically speaking)


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Well hello guys :)


I would like to share my "awesome" experience with andrew and his support team in the last few days (after they released the updates).


Well when they released the 5.1.4 version they explicitly said that there were really security issues with their system.


So i updated. Then i noticed something wasnt quite right i saw the following bugs:


1. When in my ticket,invoice, quotes, there are no records there is an empty record being displayed in there.

2. the code from domainpricing.php (in feeds folder) which i integrated on a specific php file wasnt working anymore.


So i opened the according tickets.


I waited... Waited..... And waited and Bam there was a reply saying i should upgrade to 5.2.2 which in my opinion is the most buggy version of WHMCS i ever saw, and well since they suggested i upgraded (but thank god i toke backups before i did).


And my system just well went to hell when i upgraded, nothing was really fixed, no solution at all, it was a more buggy version of this guys.


Now i reverted back immediately.


And then closed the ticket i opened and reopen a new ticket to only FIX the empty link i got on ticket list, quotes and invoices.


And they keep requesting full access to my system even thought these guys had some pretty serious issues in the past where their database leak out on the internet, anyway so i gave the access to them and to an admin demo account.


Then i got a reply that eevrything was fixed.


I was happy and went over to check if it was ok.


GUESS WHAT! IT WASNT, in fact Andrew had screwed the things more :) now everytime i access the orders in order list, i get SQL Queries Error, i get querie errors regarding suspension (when the cron runs), i get errors when someone access domain list in his account i get query errors when someone access knowledgebase.


All those some pretty nasty query errors.


So i let them know in the ticket system, and well until now i got no reply from them, my reply to say that they did not fixed anything was made on 29 march, and today in my timezone its 2 APRIL.


Well this has a loot more details into but i just went through briefly i dont want to bore you.


Now Matt, my question is What is wrong with your support?

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