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  1. You might find the actual Weebly docs of some use: http://cloud-developer.weebly.com/understand-hosting-options.html
  2. Until they get the top navigation put back, you could use this URL to get to new posts: WHMCS Forum - New Posts
  3. Please don't try to re-link images from other posts/threads. Link to the post itself that contains the images.
  4. That's sure friendly of you. If you've read the thread, the question you ask is already answered though.
  5. Selectively quoting you: I'm not sure I'd call that civil, your first post in that ticket was nothing but a link to this thread, back when it had a more harsh title than it does now. 2 replies in, you resorted to all CAPS there as well. It "got here" when you reported the issue by opening a ticket and simply linking to this thread, where you posted that you find an almost 600ms slow down between versions: And in that ticket you wanted an investigation and ticket escalation right away, but didn't get one. You did get explanations, details and suggestions though. Across multiple tickets for the same reported issue. It's been at this point right from the start of your discovery of the extra 600ms. When you open a ticket and report that you may have found an issue with pages loading slower, or whatever else you might report, that report is noted and tracked and added to a list of reports from others for closer review as needed at a later date. That earlier ticket, last reply from John basically states this. One ticket with one link in it to one thread with a harsh sounding title does not motivate the development team to come pick apart the software to solve the issue that one person seems to be having an issue with. And you shouldn't get frustrated about it when you find that out, I don't think. I have no idea as I'm not Technical Support as to how many others have opened tickets like you have and reported this issue, but if there are others, I'm sure they'll look into it, do the investigation you wanted, and do the needful in a future update, if needed. So my question remains, what is it about this 600ms slow down you're dealing with and reported on, that's making you so frustrated?
  6. I'm not taking jabs at you. I'm unable to keep up with you on this issue though, we're heading into 3 pages here me and you. I do want to comment on this: This is incorrect. WHMCS Technical Support did discuss this with you and provided suggestions. Also, back in February in that ticket, John explained to you what the differences are between 5.x and 6.x: I've already read your reply to that, so no need to reply again here. What I don't understand is the need to make this a sky is falling issue. Going only on that comment by John about new features you don't like or want, instead of complaining about 600ms speed issues, shouldn't you be asking instead about how to turn off these new things you dislike that slow you down 600MS per page load? Without selectively quoting you, I have to ask, why all the hostility over this right out of the gate in that ticket and this thread?
  7. That's not the saddest part at all. Why would Matt need to get involved with this? You're the only one posting to this thread. The 3 forum links you posted to your ticket, one of them is this very thread, another, you yourself in the ticket state its a different issue that yours. There's nothing to rectify here as far as I can tell. If this thread and the ticket system was blowing up with complaints about speed issues, you can be sure WHMCS developers would be looking at it, just like they're working on anything else. But that's not the case here. One person, using a modified 5.x theme for admin area of a 6.x site is getting a 600 MS difference in speed from his 5.x site and his 6.x site, running a long ticket using CAP letters throughout, and bumping this thread week after week till its over 2 pages long. That's not an issue, that's just as the ticket suggests. I don't see why Matt needs to come check your site when you're, seemingly, the only one with the issue. Valid suggestions were provided to you in that ticket. Past that, I'm not sure what you're hoping for but Matt is not coming to make your site run faster. I agree with you here on this one item, 100%.
  8. That ticket reads a lot like this forum thread. I didn't login to your site but I did visit you and it loads pretty damn good from this end.
  9. WHMCS does appreciate your feedback, and the feedback of the entire WHMCS community. I'm wondering when the rest of the community is going to post to this thread though. So far, besides me, only three others have posted and two of those users is you. Got a ticket number for this I can look into for you?
  10. I've moved this to the Bugs forum. Thanks for the additional details for testing.
  11. There seems to be newer files here: github.com/mobilpay/Bitcoin You might want to post to the MarketPlace forums and hire someone to make this WHMCS compatible for you.
  12. What's broken with it exactly? You don't mention that.
  13. At least one of those files in your image is from 2009. You should contact the developer and ask about obtaining the newest version.
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