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opensrs support (your experience?)


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I've been with enom for many years and also more recently with namesilo.com. I just opened an opensrs account last week (charged $95 for the privilege) - and cannot for the life of me get it to work. I only want to use it with gomobi.


I've whitelisted my server IP's, added the key code to the module settings, opened the ports (in and out) on the server, uploaded the extra pear and mcrypt files (as directed on the WHMCS docs site) and still I get this when attempted to connect via the API:


oSRS Error - UNEXPECTED READ: Unable to parse HTTP response code. Please make sure IP is whitelisted in RWI.


The module logging shows nothing in WHMCS.


I have placed support tickets with opensrs 3-4 days past now and it's not even the lack of response, but the fact that they sit there with the status message: 'Awaiting assignment to a support agent'


I'm wondering how long this can go on for and how long does it normally take opensrs to respond to their resellers. (Not impressed so far). Is this normal?

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very rarely use their support - it's sometimes not a bad idea (unless its specifically an account issue) to post general problems in their forums.


are you using the WHMCS OpenSRS module, or the OpenSRS Pro module by OpenSRS themselves?


googling the above error says that if its not the IP whitelisting that's a problem, it might also be caused by an incorrect opensrs username or key...

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Thanks for the reply. I'm using both (as detailed by opensrs support). They say I need to configure the opensrs domain module supplied by whmcs with my opensrs username and reseller key. Done. And then in the product setup (for gomobi) under the modules tab I'm selecting the opensrs_gomobi module and entering my username and api key there.


opensrs have confirmed everything is ok at their end and suggested it has to be a whmcs support issue. Never spent so much time trying to get a module working in my life in 7+ years of using WHMCS. If I do get a resolution, I will post it here for the benefit of others - even if it's my own fault -


I have to say though, not impressed with opensrs support times, and the standard reply referring me to the set up docs on their site which I had been through and memorized. (I'm still getting my head around the fact that I paid $95 to them to become an affiliate for them - without any credit placed on my account - which is what I thought was going to happen). Others, be warned.

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I've heard that about the $95 before - but when I joined them years ago, there was no joining fee, so my initial deposit was converted in full to credit in my account... the real pain was having to fax documents to Canada!


thinking back to contacting OpenSRS for help, I've got further by bypassing support and emailing the relevant opensrs dept manager... i'll send you a PM about that... though just checking it seems the opensrs forums have closed!


I've not overly familiar with gomobi (old software couldn't sell it), and i'm a newbie to whmcs (still setting up), but I've had two thoughts...


1. you're not using the HTB OpenSRS GoMobi WHMCS Module are you?? just checked and the third party site has discontinued support and development for this... so I don't think whmcs could advise on it, nor probably opensrs either.


if you're using the OpenSRS Pro module for gomobi, then my first thought would be to confirm the normal OpenSRS module works... if you had a domain with OpenSRS, you should be able to modify it... though I assume you haven't got one... perhaps register a domain on the test server and see if that throws up any error messages..


if working, then any fault with OpenSRS Pro would lie with OpenSRS to resolve... though of course it is a beta.


2. there is an enom GoMobi module - so if that worked with your whmcs version, perhaps you could try and get a refund off opensrs... though they do say it is non-refundable.


would like to help more, but my knowledge in this area is a bit thin!

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Hello Mike,

Yes indeed you did. I updated the other thread to acknowledge such, but forgot about this one. Taking orders now and all is working like a charm. No major issues at all.



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Hi Si,


unfortunately my experience is not so good...


actually, the support guys are nice but my issue is still there and I am loosing customers.


this is the message I posted in order to get some help I moved more than 250 accounts and now I am in trouble because some can't accept another "moving".



hi I am based in Italy

I have been a reseller of openSRS from tucows for a couple of months and I am experiencing a nightmare!


after few weeks of testing I moved from another provider something like 200 account from different domains.


after a while customers started to complaint about lost email. they were not receiving some emails.


the problem is totally random and we are not able to track it.


at the tech support they are quite ok but they are not able to solve it.


it is already a month that I complain every day but no solution yet..


I already lost 5 customers and almost 90 hrs of customer service.


I am moving but it will be very difficult and time wasting task.


I hope this may help someone!





Anyone having similar issues?


it is completely random. we are not able to replicate it and the support service is in the blue.

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