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.uk registration details


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For .uk domains customers must supply the following data


Legal Type

Company ID Number

Registrant Name

WHOIS Opt-out


The only option they get to enter this data is during the order, if there is a mistake, then they seem to have no way to edit this info, I cannot find it anywhere in the client area.

The problem is that customers do often make a mistake as they do not know that entering anything except "inindividual" for legal type makes the other fields compulsory.

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speaking as a newbie to WHMCS, but long-time Nominet member, I don't think you can change the registrant field - if it's a minor error, Nominet might change it for free (they have for us in the past), but usually they charge.


I know the other details can be changed in the admin area - whether it updates @ Nominet I haven't checked yet - certainly updating the contact details via the client area updates with Nominet.


bear in mind, Nominet do say... "It is your responsibility to keep your details up-to-date and your registrar's responsibility to maintain your details at your request via our automated system."


so I guess the client either gets their registrar to update the details, or they do it themselves via the Nominet site.


hopefully someone more familiar with WHMCS could further advise, but you may wish to add this to the requests... my reading before buying my license last week was that WHMCS need to update the Nominet module before the end of May to allow for EPP changes - so they might be able to add the above changes then if they are made aware of the issue.

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if the details are wrong the domain doesn't even register, it fails, so will sit there in pending state until customer notices.

we're still in the setup phase of whmcs, so it isn't live and we haven't registered any new .uk domains with it yet... we have that pleasure to look forward to.


I think I see the problem you're outlining now - customer goes to your whmcs site, tries to register a .uk but supplies incorrect info... order is left pending - they can't change the details via the client area and can't go to Nominet site to update as it isn't registered.


so the only way around it would be for them to contact you to fix it from admin area - or they could go to another web site!


under those circumstances, I can see little reason not to include the fields you outline in the client area.. at least while the order is still pending.

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