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Lame Support / Unprofessional


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Ticket opened 3/16 after lousy upgrade to 5.2.1. What do I get as a first reply? Lousy canned response about upgrading to 5.2.2 which also did not rectify my problem nor resolved the issues I clarified in my first post in the ticket, at all! Ignorance.


2 days later on March 18th I get a request for admin access. I provide a read only with extensive options enabled. This wasn't good enough. I get notified 3 days later on 3/21 that admin rights must be "full". Lame support techs took 3 days to ask this?


3/22. No response back to several bugs and count the days now.


Let's count the bugs that did NOT exist prior to upgrading at all and yes, even with my custom header/footer templates.



All shopping cart links screwed up. They all redirect back to product page. All browsers too.



Ticket listing always shows oldest tickets top first regardless clicking it to sort of newest top to oldest bottom.



Predefined replies link not working anymore



Admin settings not saving such as check-box for ticket notifications for departments


It is unacceptable that a company who provides a billing software for web hosters take this long to response. Totally inexcusable.


WHMCS = thrash


And my pasts complaints here in the forums that WERE sincere and valuable were stubbornly and ignorantly deleted by mods/admins here. So pathetic.


Update: confirmed same issue with shopping cart ordering with default links and unmodified default header/footer templates too.


Update #2: confirmed all bugs with 100% default whmcs files uploaded (templates_c cleared too)

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Last response in ticket 2 days ago. No resolution. Customers can't order from my billing system. Replicated with 100% default whmcs install files.


Worst customer support ever. I'm going to leave my reviews if this is not 100% resolved today. I've had enough.

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Editing your post. Original below to show your a classless act


Here is the message that has just been posted:


and so am I... so when you post on a forum idiot you are going to get a response


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