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When a conifg option is an addon and and addon a product

Dean - ITDept.net

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I am tying up some loose ends on my first whmcs installation before going live and have a "best practices" question. For this scenario I will use email hosting, and whmcs will be used for billing (not provisioning).


Suppose you want to sell mailboxes in packs of 5, 10, 15 mailboxes. Is there any way to sell additional packs of mailboxes after the initial sale without customer having to purchase the product again and without creating multiple add-ons -- one add-on for each pack of mailboxes?


What I am contemplating is this:


1. Create email product using 5 pack

2. Create configurable option to add 5,10, 15, etc mailboxes (for those customers that know what they need)

3. Create add-on for each pack. In this example three addons for 5-pack, 10-pack, 15-pack (for those customers that need more mailboxes post-purchase)

4. Forget the add-ons and just refer customer to another product purchase?


I am asking primarily because I don't see a way to configure quantity for an add-on. What is the best practice in this situation?


Another example would be selling support time. I charge $80/hr, but if you buy a block of time my charge is $50/hr. What is the best way to sell these blocks post-purchase of a related product such as a dedicated server?




PS: I hope I am making sense.

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I think configurable options would probably be the best option here if you're wanting total client self-service as they can be upgraded/downgraded at any time via the client area.

If you go with different addons then the client would need to contact your to contact the old one before ordering the new one.

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