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  1. Just to be clear, I thought of that before coming here. I still need someone/quote to create custom tables around the whmpress plugin
  2. Hello, Anyone out there that knows how to design (comparison) table templates for WHMPress?
  3. Hello, Currently when a customer requests a cancellation WHMCS will remove the line item from invoice. For example if a customer is invoiced for VPS1, VPS2 and VPS3, then puts in a request (post invoice generation) to cancel VPS2 at end of billing cycle, the new invoice will have only the two line items for VPS1 and VPS3. There will be no record of a cancellation request on the invoice. I would like to see something that shows all three lines plus a fourth line with the cancellation request and a negative amount. Thus: VPS1 - DESCRIPTION $X.XX VPS2 - DESCRIPTION $Y.YY VPS3 - DESCRIPTION $Z.ZZ VPS2 - Cancelled by Request -$Y.YY Is there an add-on that can do this? Thanks
  4. The guy hasn't even updated his landing page. "Application should be available before 30th May 2013" I noticed a lot of criticism of whmcs' app but I like my Android version. As long as I can approve orders and answer tickets on the go everyone is happy.
  5. I received an answer from support. When you change the Next Due date all the recurring invoices for that order in the future will have a Next Due date based on the Next Due date of previous invoice.
  6. I submitted a ticket a couple days ago and have not received a response so I will try here I have a question about the Registration Date and the Next Due Date found in the Products/Services tab under Client Profile (and monthly recurring). If someone pays for a subscription and it does not become Active until X days from purchase, what is the best way to get it onto a proper monthly subscription? If I add X days to the Next Due Date, will all subsequent Due Dates follow one month after that? What about Registration Date? Thanks
  7. That looks like there is a problem with your permissions. Check what user your php-cgi.exe is running with and find if that user has read access to your PHP install folder AND your current web root. You should post your phpinfo
  8. DBAs are not always required in the US either (actually its a state matter but all states use them). You don't need a DBA if the business name is he same as your personal name or the business name is the same as the corporation name. For example if your business name is Maggie Thatcher & Associates, and your name is Maggie Thatcher you don't need a DBA. I am curious: how do you open a business bank account in England without any business papers? How does IRD know to tax you if there is no paper to link your business to your person?
  9. Thanks. I have contacted developer (Websitepanel) but they don't have real support. Just a forum. I have a (detailed) ticket with you guys since whmcs includes the original module but they told me to see developer too. While I wait, is there anything you can think of where I can start looking? As a shot in the dark?
  10. What exactly happens when you Activate an add-on module? I activated an add-on module and before doing any configuration decided I did not want to use it. I then deactivated it. I also restored an overwritten file. Now when I apply the same funtion using the native whmcs module I get an error. So I am wondering if there is anything else to undo that activation itself may have done. thanks
  11. Thanks for the update. I am running on a windows server and was using http in scheduled tasks. I'll have to make some changes and run the cron script directly from the php executable.
  12. An SSL certificate should only be installed on the nobody user if it is meant to be a shared certificate. Normally, an SSL certificate should be installed for the account user that owns the domain for which the certificate was generated. Go to /var/cpanel/userdata/nobody to see if the cert is there by domain.com_SSL (domain.com being your domain's name) name. If it is, then move it to /var/cpanel/userdata/user (where user is the cPanel username of the right user). Open up the domain.com_SSL file and change the following in that file: documentroot: /home/user/public_html group: user homedir: /home/user user: user Replacing user with the username for each one. Of note, these are not the only lines in the file, they are just the lines you need to change in that file. If the account is a reseller and not owned by root, you will also need to change owner: root to owner: user. Please also check the ip: field has the right IP listed. After making all the changes, then run these commands to rebuild Apache with the new entries and get it restarted: /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf /etc/init.d/httpd restart
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