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PLEASE HELP! Weird BUGS | Client list, Support list disappearing then reappearing


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I am pretty new to WHMCS and I would GREATLY appreciate any help or advice.


Intermittently (very RANDOM), my client list and other lists such as support tickets, mass mail emails, will completely disappear.


See attached PNG. When attempting to view client list, it is completely BLANK. However, as the system says, "203 Records Found, Page 1 of 3".


A similar issue happens when trying to view other lists such as support tickets or invoices. The weird thing is that this only happens sometimes and is very random.


Another example is the 2nd PNG that I attached.. it is displaying Active Tickets (which is 2), however, in the side panel, the number of "All Active Tickets" is ZERO. Even when we have many active tickets, this number (along with the other 2 it is paired with) only displays ZERO.



Thanks in advance for ANY assistance!




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  • WHMCS Support Manager


If it's intermittent it sounds like a server issue, do your server error logs show any errors when this occurs?

Try temporarily enabling Setup > General Settings > Other tab > SQL Debug Mode and see if any errors are recorded in your Utilities > Logs > Activity Log when it next occurs. Then disable the option again.

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Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 12.32.38 PM.jpgHey John,


Thanks so much for a response. I did as instructed and received the following error:


SQL Error: Unknown column 'date' in 'order clause' - Full Query: SELECT * FROM tblemailmarketer ORDER BY `date` DESC LIMIT 0,100


I have attached a PNG of the email marketer page. Any ideas on how to fix this?




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  • WHMCS Support Manager


That error message says the 'date' column is missing from the tblemailmarketer table in your database. But as far as I'm aware there isn't supposed to be such a column.


Do you have any customisations in your /modules/addons or /includes/hooks directory that could be causing this? If so please try removing them temporarily to see if it stops the errors.

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