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Enfourced standrds for forum users


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Hello WHMCS over the last year these forums have really gone downhill they are nothing but combative especially when a forum troll thinks they can right the law.


My suggestion to you would be to clean up these trolls this place used to be a place were no matter what the issue we could come and discuss it with other users, this is no longer the case.


Clean up the forums for constructive use.

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What Jin may not understand is the difference between trolls and people who are simply participating in the community that this forum represents. Just because he finds posts objectionable, based on their content or responses to something he has posted, does not mean they are offensive.

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@bear hmmm thanks never even noticed it


@brianoz I haven't really seen it over the last year and a half but if you have that is good new to know they are more involved then we all see, cheers thank you for letting me know.



@Strother @easyhosting


No where in this thread does it name either of you as trolls, maybe a guilty conscience? But it sure didn't stop you from trying to hijack this thread as well, just like the other threads.


I'm sorry I don't have time to teach you both ABC so maybe if I quote the important part you might be able to get it through your think heads "over the last year these forums have really gone downhill"


Here I grabbed this off the internet


Question: What Is an Internet 'Troll'?

Answer: An internet 'troll' is an abusive and obnoxious user who promotes hate and disharmony in online communities.


I post and the both of you are right there spewing obnoxious comments just to hijack the thread just like in this thread.


Well the way the both of you keep following me around I will have to say the above does fit you.



My post is asking the admin to help with the forums here so real users can get some sound advice not only advice that YOU both feel is the right answer, and to be able to do that without people like you following them around to hijack threads as you have done YET AGAIN.


What Strother might not understand is that posting things about people buying pirated software anyone would find objectionable especially when it is made up and unfounded, in a licensed software forum that would be "promotes hate" like I said before open your mind if not then really shut your mouth and go Troll someone else.


@Admin as you can see from the above response the Trolls really need to be dealt with.

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