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Cancellation Request To Department Ticket


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Is there a way to automatically create a ticket in an existing department (ie sales or support) for cancellation requests instead of the request just showing up in the pending cancellation(s) list of the System Overview section on the Admin Summary page? To me it can easily been overlooked and getting a system email would be helpful to respond back quickly. If this is already in place, please point me in the right direction... because right now I do not see it as an existing option.

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Thanks for the information. I suppose until then, I could work around this by:

1. Creating a Cancellation Dept (to receive an email from)

2. Pointing the Request Cancellation button to the Cancellation Dept form that has a custom form field for the domain name of the service the client wishes to cancel.

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Here's what we'd done.

In the "general settings" section, go to the "mail" tab. Look for the setting for "System Emails From Email". We set that to something not in use anywhere else, like "system@domain.tld" (use a real address). In whatever cpanel you're using for your WHMCS account, set up a filter for anything from that address with the subject of "New Cancellation Request" to go to an address that goes to the correct support email address.



If done correctly, this should send the email to an address that then pipes into the desk department you'd wanted.

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Bear... thanks for the reply, but my "System Email from Email" address was already set up as my Support Dept email. I set up a filter as you suggested, and it filters real email messages correctly... BUT... it's like WHMCS doesn't even send an actual system email to the admin... it seems that just a confirmation message is sent to the client. It seems like on the admin side, WHMCS just flags the account as needing to be cancelled. With that said, I am curious to know if WHMCS is actually sending a real email to admins or just flagging the account for cancellation. I am curious to understand the background process taking place there.

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