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paid invoice to order automatically?


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okay, on that page (which was helpful BTW) i see the following sentence:


"Orders always remain pending until admin review, even though the items inside them will auto activate (if set to)"


how do i set it? i have looked all over for that setting and just cannot find it. I would think that under setup>product/services>[service]>module settings changing to the option "Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received" would do it, but it doesnt seem to be.


What am i missing?

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If that isn't working, the server configuration may be incorrect, or API not accessing correctly.


Once that's working and tested, orders should be simply setup when payment is through,

Another point to check is the callback settings for the specific payment gateway your using.

It's possible that payment is being made but the gateway isn't communicating this to your WHMCS installation.

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i would assume that once an invoice is paid it would become an order...


You should already have an order, against which the invoice is generated.


Once you apply the payment to the invoice, the payment status on the order becomes complete, and auto-provisioning takes place if you've set it that way.


You then manually "accept" the order to change the status from pending to active.

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okay, i guess i need to add an action hook to InvoicePaid with the api function addorder. any reason not to do this?

I've not had to create any further actions or hooks, everything works as it should, for Mail In Payment

As above, once I have received the payment I simply go to the pending order and updates it, which creates the product


What other payment gateway options have you installed / setup?

Do these work?


I had the same issue initially, but had not assigned products to the servers, in the Setup section

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Agreed, if none of your payment gateways is working then it is your actual product and server setup


Work your way through the docs again, the right hand column

The usual steps missed are :

assigning products to servers


assigning servers to WHM


Equally, the error log should give some idea at what step it fails

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i am also kindof odd in that i am not registering domains directly - i wonder if that is screwing with it somehow

That is also what I do, registrar set to none

Equally, this won't affect the order process between WHMCS and WHM, to setup the hosting which is where your issue is


I've now sent you a PM with a suggestion


What country are you in?

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