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License not showing in your system


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Thank you for that info. I probably will be cancelling my WHMCS account. Thanks to the way WHMCS works, I have already suffered a major blow to my business.


WHMCS terminated one of my oldest accounts - more than 14 years - without any warning or notice until AFTER the damage was done. Tech Support tells me it's my fault for the order in which I configured WHMCS.


But any program that can do that kind of damage, without even a simple pre-action default email - and say it's my fault - is not to be trusted. I have no idea what other things are hidden there that are "my fault" but I am not interested in finding out that way i found out about this one.


The penultimate rule of any action as final as termination is simple - make it a default that a email notice must be sent to the admin. It could be a timed notice, as in a domain name registration, or in the kind of late payment notice that is sent to a client. Or it could be a negative option saying if you don't want this to happen, do nothing, like a password reset.


In speaking with tech support for my dedicated managed server I am told that they have had this happen to other customers too, so I know that while it may be "my fault", it is because WHMCS made it possible,

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Hi Joe,


As became clear from the details you provided in the ticket you opened with us, the cause of your issue here was that you imported your existing domains to WHMCS but didn't go through and set the correct due dates for them. By default WHMCS imports all domains as Free entities and so there is not a due date and never any risk of suspension or termination to them. But presumably you must have changed the billing cycle to a recurring one to make it consider payment terms, but then still not set the due date, and so on day 1 the cron detected that item was overdue and due for either suspension or termination. Not only that but unfortunately you had enabled Automatic Termination which by default in WHMCS is always turned off which is why you got the termination occur.


Even if there was an advanced warning like you're suggesting, say we had the cron email 1 day before an item is due to terminate and warn this item will terminate tomorrow unless you do something to stop it, then if you imported an item and made it overdue by a long period of time, say 2 years right from the outset, the day before the termination is due would not occur and so it wouldn't even be caught by a notice system.



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As you say, it's "my fault."


Yeah, sure. It is not the fault in your software that allows the system to do a termination without prior notice to anyone. It's very clear from your explanation that you know exactly how the account termination was set up but your software people put nothing in the way to stop it from doing harm. Not even a simple flag when it is configured or a an email requiring I confirm that I understand the hidden consequences.


A system that allows that is a serious violation of the fail safe concept that is supposed to underlie any piece of software.


And because I have no idea what other similar holes are in your system that will cause problems due to my fault, I will not trust you. Anyone who accepts your explanation is just asking to be hurt. I will cancel my account. There may be legal action to follow.

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The system that allowed the deletion without any notice to anyone is not at fault. The WHMCS setup that allows that configuration without any red flag or warning is not at fault. I guess no one there has ever seen a simple "are you sure you want to do this?" poup.


Tell that to the rest of your customers who have been bitten by this serious flaw in the system.

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The first thing I do in any system that has automation of any kind is to turn off the automation while I'm setting it up. I've been through a lot of products and setups, and know better than to assume I will get it exactly right from the start without some glitches, so no crons or auto anything until I've read the instructions and tested thoroughly.


It will only do what it's told, and no one is perfect. ;)

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