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Multiple selling sites on 1 WHMCS installation?



We have different sites for our services and products and would like to keep it this way:

  • 1) Shared Hosting (3 different sites)
  • 2) Dedicated Hosting


What is the best way to implement this in WHMCS? We do not want clients to experience see different departments in our company. How does WHMCS handle this? We previously used Virtuozzo for billing and it uses resellers and clients will never see our dedicated-department if they ordered shared-hosting, nor the other way around.


We would really like it if the clients would see a rebranded version if they have dedicated-hosting and not see other departments of our company. Though still see and use the member area. At the moment I am testing and all packages are visible at the "Order" page. Changing template per domain and making products invisible from Order page might be possible, but would this be sufficient?


PS: Clients in WHMCS can still look at prices in USD in dropdown-box, how can I get rid of this? I only have 1 product that should use USD. All other sites are selling to European markets, therefore should be 100% EUR.

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

WHMCS isn't designed to handle multiple brands, but as you said it should be possible to workaround this by specifying the template URL in the links.


Regarding multi-currency, it's necessary to specify a price in both currencies for all products. However you could remove the currency dropdown from your order form template and then specify the currency for that one product in the URL.

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I use one WHMCS for multiple websites.


Web Hosting


Web Design

PHP Scripts


Approx. 4 Websites


Simply, I name the web hosting company as the parent company and other companies are entities, to do use one WHMCS for multiple websites, just buy a specified domain name. For example, mine is vBilling.Net - and I link any products to that that websites.


I make category's for each product I sell to know who they're, You could do the same plus WHMCS has a setting to define client groups.

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