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email forwarding to script forcing user directory


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Hi there everyone,


I've moved a site using WHMCS from one server using cpanell to another. Although I didn't have a problem on the departing server, I'm finding I have a problem with the new server.


WHMCS wants me to create an email forward to "| php -q /home/username/public_html/whmcs/pipe/pipe.php", however, when I try this, it creates a forward to "| /home/username/php -q /home/username/public_html/whmcs/pipe/pipe.php" instead.


This is below the forward section:


When piping to a program, you should enter a path relative to your home directory. If the script requires an interpreter such as perl or php, you should omit the "/usr/bin/perl, or /usr/bin/php portion." Make sure that your script is executable and has the appropriate Hashbang at the top of the script. If you do not know how to add the Hashbang, just make sure to name your script file with the correct extension and you will be prompted to have the Hashbang added automatically.


I apologize for my being dense, but I'm not sure what it's telling me to do to rectify this problem. Could anyone else tell me how to reformat the command to work with my later cpanel install?





Any help on getting this working would be greatly appreciated.




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Thanks very much for your reply John, but it's not working for me.


I've created the forward as the tutorial suggested:


All email sent to *****@schwim.net will now be copied to |/home/*****/public_html/Clients/pipe/pipe.php


And sending an email to the address generates a bounce containing the following:


pipe to |/home/*****/public_html/Clients/pipe/pipe.php

generated by *****@schwim.net

local delivery failed



The path is correct, I've checked to make sure that pipe.php still resides in the dir. I'm not sure what else to do.




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