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Multiple domain renewals on one invoice


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Is it at all possible to get multiple domain renewals on one invoice?


Some of my customers have quite a few domain names and most renew on the same date. But instead of sending out one invoice with all the domains it sends out an invoice for every single domain.


Imagine the look on their faces when they get 50+ invoices :shock:


So if there is a way to do this please let me know.

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Where it is said:

"If the Next Due Date and Payment Method's are the same, they will automatically be combined onto one invoice. It's always worked this way (not just 4.2)."


that is something a little different than:


V4.2 Mass Invoice Payments


The new Mass Payments feature is an additional setting which can be turned on in order to allow clients to pay for multiple due invoices in a single payment attempt. This has 2 main advantages:


1. It's easier for the customer ...and...

2. It reduces your transaction fees


So when enabled, the client sees their due invoices as below with new checkboxes next to them, a Pay Selected button to click after selecting the invoices they want to pay, and a Pay All quick link next to the total due.



two different things




date 01/12/2010


domain01.ext - due date 01/01/2010 (past due) - invoice 00001 amount due: 7.25

domain02.ext - due date 01/12/2010 (due now) - invoice 00002 amount due: 7.25


pay invoice 00001 for 7.25


pay invoice 00001 and 00002 combined for 14.50


notice that

1) due dates are different

2) invoices can be combined and paid with option other than original method (I think)


That was not available in previous whmcs versions.




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