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  1. DiegoM

    Change invoice text

    Hey Brian! Thanks for your answer! I think it's easier to remove this period of date from my {$invoice_html_contents} in invoice template. Today my template is showing: SERVICE (10/01/2017 - 09/02/2017) R$23,23 ------------------------------------------------------ Sub Total: R$23,23 Credit: R$0,00 Total: R$23,23 ------------------------------------------------------ How can I remove the underlined text? If I remove it and someone has more than one service, will it show everything together?
  2. DiegoM

    Change invoice text

    Maybe can use invoice_date_due to calculate and obtain the month name too. But I don't know how to do it in WHMCS.
  3. DiegoM

    Change invoice text

    Hey guys! I'd like to change my invoice text in {$invoice_html_contents}, where "(10/01/2017 - 09/02/2017)" to "january" or "jan/2017". To be more specific, I want that in portuguese. January = Janeiro February = Fevereiro March = Março April = Abril May = Maio June = Junho July = Julho August = Agosto October = Outubro November = Novembro December = Dezembro Maybe can use invoice_date_due to calculate and obtain the month name too. But I don't know how to do it in WHMCS. Can anyone give me some tips how to do it? Thanks in advance!
  4. I'd like to know how do I find the sum of the total balance per product. I mean full paid invoices and partial invoices.
  5. DiegoM

    List credit clients

    How can I list or check clients that have credit?
  6. DiegoM

    Sub Account User.

    I can't make my client create aliases. It wouldn't sounds good. WHMCS should be flexible about this issue. That would be much simpler if the WHMCS accept sub accounts with the same email. I have contacts who are laity and are used to pay their invoices.
  7. DiegoM

    Sub Account User.

    No, It wouldn't in my situation. My client is using hotmail or gmail account. How could I solve this?
  8. Is it possible to link a sub-account to many accounts? There`re some webmasters that they`d like to receive invoice messages from some clients and open ticket support from that hosting account or something like that. Any idea to solve this problem?
  9. DiegoM

    Sub Account User.

    Same problem with me. Any idea to solve this using same email?
  10. DiegoM

    Charset problem

    I know that I can change my charset system on "General Settings", but some of my saved string and text are using utf-8 and I want to change it to iso-8859-1, how can I do it, without changing them manually?
  11. Where can I translated and edit this part {$invoice_html_contents}? Thanks in advance!
  12. DiegoM

    WHM (Packages)

    If I change some configuration (example: increase bandwidth) on some package, will it take effect on WHMCS to show it correctly when update the configuration? Thanks in advance.
  13. Is it possible to convert automatically from comission (Request Withdrawal) to credit for my affiliate? It would be a great feature.
  14. DiegoM

    "Send Message" Problem

    The problem was in this part: I had deleted ns3 and ns4, and forgot to delete {if} part. Thanks All!
  15. DiegoM

    "Send Message" Problem

    I get this error when I do it: 1) Go to a client profile; 2) Change to "Products/Services" tab; 3) Select "Hosting Account Welcome Email" and send it. I got this error: Fatal error: Template error: [in emailtpl:emailmessage line 23]: syntax error: unclosed tag \{if} (opened line 13). (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 320) in /home/uebihost/public_html/suporte/includes/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1095 I didn't edit anything on my files. It's a new and clean installation. WHMCS Version: 4.0.2 PHP Version: 5.2.6 MySQL Version: 5.0.81-community

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