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  1. grandechefe

    Hosting Password

    I know other software that works with cPanel solved this issue by making the password longer than 16 characters. I am just saying it might be easier to add a optional setting to force passwords to be longer than 16 characters in WHMCS... what is this software?
  2. grandechefe

    Hosting Password

    Just Try it please. Put the passwords strenght at 100% and the passwords that WHMCS create doesn't WORK and the account on cpanel is not created!! Before CPANEL 11.68, with strengh at 100% WHMCS created without problems the accounts. Does this answer your question?
  3. grandechefe

    Hosting Password

    The Passwords generated by whmcs to create a hosting account are too weak. With the new safety rules of cpanel, passwords must have a high difficulty. How can we change the generator of passwords?For example whmcs generates passwords of type **Frth2sx**, without any type of sepcial character I have this information: Sorry, the password you selected cannot be used because it is too weak and would be too easy to guess. Please select a password with strength rating of 100 or higher.
  4. grandechefe

    Cron Error

    Hi I have this erro when i run the cron: [symfony\Component\Console\Exception\CommandNotFoundException] Command "debug" is not defined. Anyone know why?
  5. grandechefe

    Configure a registrar module

    Hi Where can I get the code? or where can be generated that code?
  6. grandechefe

    Configure a registrar module

    Hi I use the RegistrarDevKit to configure a registrar module. But i have a doubt in this field: # Put your code to... What is the code that I have to put? Pedro
  7. grandechefe

    E-mail display message in blank

    Hi I have a problem with a display message in certain e-mail templates. optiom Clients Profile » E-mails For example, in template First Invoice Overdue Notice when I access the display message this is blank. follow a image of this situation. Pedro
  8. grandechefe

    Sub Account User.

    Hi, We've two client accounts, and each one have is own product (shared hosting). That clients both have the same programmer guy (and he have is own email account), and they want to add is email has a subaccount with permissions to put tickets. The problem is, just one client could do that, the second client, when he's adding the subaccount, the system says "email address already exists". How can we do this?:
  9. grandechefe

    Domain Registrars dont appear

    Hi In my account when i receive a Order to register a domain, in the Registrar: option dont appear the Domain Registrar ig i configure. In this situation a cant accept the order auto automatically. Follow a print of this situation.: Pedro
  10. grandechefe

    upgrade from 5.0.3 to 5.2.15

    HOw can i make the upgrade from the version 5.0.3 to 5.2.15? I need to upgrade from a a Full Release Version?
  11. HI I have the error Invalid Token in Intelligent search This error apear after de update to the version 5.2.14. How can i correct the error. Pedro
  12. grandechefe

    Domain discount

    I create a cliente grupo with a discount to products however I didn't want to include discount in domains and addons, only in Products. Hw can I do this? Pedro Pinto

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