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  1. Hello, I need to know how to add route for provisioning module Add route already exists in WHMCS it's already used in Stripe Gateway https://domain.com/stripe/payment/intent or https://domain.com/index.php?rp=/stripe/payment/intent Is there any ready-made code that does the same job? Thanks
  2. But it's like this in $parms The type is not known maybe WHMCS forgot to add it or something like that Any other solution ? [customfields] => Array ( [acc_password] => hnnk+njRWHJYVCgjf/D3TeHKGtEqFlxrwcbyq5s= )
  3. From WHMCS 8.0 i noticed that Custom Field of type password become encrypted, how ? when i get Custom Field ( type password ) value via my module to make account with this password i saw that password is encrypted i used decrypt($password) it works fine but when i change the custom field type to text so decrypt($password) will not work because password already decoded ( original value ) So my question is : how to get password from custom field ( type text btw this is not encrypted ) and from custom field ( type password encrypted ) because i need my addon to be compatible with both types Note : custom field of type text do not encrypt custom field of type password it become encrypted
  4. I made my own payment gateway and used this for currency conversion but I have a problem, the amount remains the same after the conversion For example product price is 5$ with usd currency and 4€ for euro currency and in callback i posted 5$ and currency=USD but my account is using euro currency and the result is 5 not 4 please give me solution and thanks ♥ <?php require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../init.php'; require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/gatewayfunctions.php'; require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/invoicefunctions.php'; $gatewayModuleName = basename(__FILE__, '.php'); $gatewayParams = getGatewayVariables($gatewayModuleName); $paymentAmount=5.00; $invoiceId=1; $invoice = WHMCS\Billing\Invoice::find($invoiceId); $userCurrency = getCurrency($invoice->clientId); if ($userCurrency["code"] != "EUR") { $paymentCurrencyID = WHMCS\Database\Capsule::table("tblcurrencies")->where("code", "EUR")->value("id"); if (is_null($paymentCurrencyID)) { logTransaction($gatewayParams['name'], $_POST, "Unsuccessful - Invalid Currency"); exit; } $paymentAmount = convertCurrency($paymentAmount, $paymentCurrencyID, $userCurrency["id"]); //Here the result is the same amount sent } ?>
  5. I also have the same question
  6. Hello! Actually, 'm developping a payment gateway using Third Party Gatewy module.The module redirect successfully to the url of the payment gateway.The only problem is that i don't know how to add invoice id and amount because the gateway don't post invoice id and amount it post just transactionId, transactionStatus and Signature so there is any solution to get invoice id and amount to addInvoicePayment ?
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