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  1. Please explain what this has to do with whmcs?
  2. @xlegends If you have a pending order then cancel that order whilst pending then they can reuse the promotion. If the order has already being accepted and they have the service active and then suspended then terminated or marked as complete then they cant use it again. I believe however that if you also cancel the order after their products have being terminated or completed then they can reuse it. I think this is correct. @brian! can you check this is correct as you have helped lots out. Thanks
  3. @GoogieHost Unfortunately i believe this is a thing with whmcs as we have had similar issues.
  4. @brian! i notice i could have written it better as i put order not service. Apologies
  5. No im afraid not. In my personal experience I would alway have it auto charge on the due date anyway. Is there any particular reason they dont want it to auto charge on the due date? Another option for those that don't want t to auto charge is to provide you teh card details and you add them directly into the gateway so the whmcs part is skipped.
  6. @brian! That is exactly what we were on about and i beloved he was on about the order already being approved so active product. I was answering their question . We know how it works hence trying to help them.
  7. @Blasgo Check under automation settings then domain reminder. if any of these have a number other than 0 then it will do the domain renewal earlier to give the client more time to renew. To stop this simply set all to 0
  8. As far as im aware this is still the same if they add the card via the invoice. If its in the client area where they add them then it wont auto deduct the invoice until its due date. There is an option to edit the cron as so */5 * * * * php -q /path/to/cron.php skip --ProcessCreditCardPayments Replace /path/to/ with the actual path to your cron.php file. This will stop you having to manually set each client to not auto process card. It is system wide though so you would have to manually charge the cards but that seems like what you are after?
  9. @xlegends 1. I don't believe it would automatically change the previous clients that used this. Due to the recurring price . If you check a client with the recurring promotion and then the client without it you would be able to tell by looking at the recurring price. 2. Once a client has used it thats it I believe as it would still be linked to a canceled / terminated order. Hope this is helpful if you need me to clarify anything again just let me know.
  10. @ktysinger what domain re-seller do you use. If they use the logicboxes system e.g ourselves, resell.biz, resellerclub ect ect... You could use this module that automates all prices from your account. https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/whmcs/free-resellerclub-tools-addon.php Works really well. Hope this helps !
  11. @jacksony Can you please clarify what you are trying to do exactly and we will see if we can help you out.
  12. @zitu4life thanks again for this it is now updated.
  13. We know thanks for this @bear its just to put it off as much as we can. However on our new site we will not have this.
  14. We understand where you are coming from. However we don't want our content copied easily. We have had content stolen in the past by smaller / Start-up hosting company's.
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